Kristine Papillon – Crumpet the Trumpet

I have written bits and pieces about how my early music education has helped me become a better doctor, better surgeon, better Botox injector, better acupuncturist, and best of all, a better person.  I especially benefited from meeting amazing musical friends while growing up.


I had some amazing friends while growing up in New York. Kristine Papillon was my violin-friend. We played gigs together, listened to classical concerts at Carnegie Hall together, got yelled at by our violin teacher (well, at least I got yelled at), and dreamed of becoming real-deal musicians when we grew up. Well, today, Kristine is a real-deal musician (author, illustrator, mother, and much more) and she has always taken everything to the highest level. A few months ago, I wanted to put together a home recording studio. When Kristine saw my interest there, she showed me this picture of her at a real-deal recording studio at Sweetwater Sound – she was recording the soundtrack for her children’s book “Crumpet the Trumpet” I’m so proud of what she has become and what she has done. I’m glad she has moved beyond my bad influences from our childhood. More pictures at the link below. Her book is for sale at that website (click the link below) and would support her professional orchestra. Kristine was just interviewed by NPR!

The accompanying soundtrack done by Anne Akiko Meyers, Wynton Marsalis, Dan Ross, Eric Schweikert, Derek Reeves, Hillary Feibel, Anne Preucil Lewellen, Alexander Klepach, Irene Ator, David Ling, and Akira Murotani. It’s narrated by the Music Director of the Ft. Wayne Philharmonic, Andrew Constantine. Best yet, many of the proceeds will go to the Ft. Wayne Philharmonic!

Kristine Papillon Author of Crumpet the Trumpet
Kristine Papillon Author of Crumpet the Trumpet


Crumpet the Trumpet by Kristine Papillon

Botox Experience

855 Botox Patients, 2594 Botox Visits

855 different Botox patients
855 different Botox patients seen as of 1/30/15.  2594 Botox visits.

How much Botox Experience does Dr. Calvin Lee have?

Dr. Calvin Lee is a board certified surgeon who has been focusing on Botox injections since 2009.  We have made a few pages which shows some of our detailed Botox statistics at our Botox practice.  However in this Botox blog, we present even more Botox metrics.

It’s not my goal to be a super busy practice. I like to spend a good amount of time and attention for each patient. Quality over quantity!

Previous pages with our Modesto Botox Statistics

Starting from 2011, we can track statistics through the Botox company

Fortunately, the Botox company has decided to form a frequent-flyer type program which gives coupons directly to the patients in the form of discounts for future Botox injections (or Juvederm or Latisse).  This program is called “Brilliant Distinctions.”  With brilliant distinctions, there is a computer portal which our Modesto Botox practice can access.  We have been a member of Brilliant Distinctions since 2011.  With these statistics, we found that Dr. Lee has seen 855 different Botox patients.  These patients have visited the office 2594 times for Botox.  Botox Touch-Up visits are not counted in this figure.

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When did Dr. Tammy Wu obtain her MD degree?

Graduated top of her class from Brown University in 1997

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. T. Tammy Wu graduated from medical school in 1997.  That’s when she obtained her MD degree.  After that she was accepted to plastic surgery training and fellowship all over the world including Stanford University.  But she chose to continue her training at Southern Illinois University.  She moved to Modesto, CA in 2003.

To answer to the question, Dr. T. Tammy Wu obtained her MD degree in 1997.

This was a question we received at our office today from a caller.  We appreciate these interesting questions and I will attempt to post them for all to share.

How to check if a Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified

Wonder if your Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery?

There are several ways to check besides calling the plastic surgeon’s office or checking his or her website.  Plus it gets somewhat confusing because there are several different medical boards.  One could call these different medical boards and get info, and these medical boards have websites.  The easiest way in my opinion is to go directly to the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s website and type in identifying information about the plastic surgeon in question and you should get an answer about Board Certification in Plastic Surgery:

Click this link to check for Plastic Surgery Board Certification

Dr. Tzuying Tammy Wu, MD in Modesto, California is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Her Plastic Surgery Board Certification results can be seen here on our Modesto web page.

What is Board Certification?

  • Read about Board Certification in detail here.
  • Board Certification is a voluntary process, and one that is very different from medical licensure. Obtaining a medical license sets the minimum competency requirements to diagnose and treat patients, it is not specialty specific. Board Certification demonstrates a physician’s exceptional expertise in a particular specialty and/or subspecialty of medical practice.

Is Dr. Tammy Wu Board Certified in Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Dr. T. Tammy Wu is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

Modesto Surgeons at work
Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee operating together in Modesto, California.


Modesto Plastic Surgery Dr. Tammy Wu is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery.  She was initially certified in plastic surgery in 2005 and has since been recertified – with her certification good till the end of 2025.  The recertification process occurs every 10 years.  This info is current as of the writing of this web page on 1/29/15.

Dr. Tzuying Tammy Wu is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery
Dr. Tzuying Tammy Wu is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

How to look this Board Certification information up on the internet regarding Plastic Surgery?

At our Modesto Plastic Surgery office: Surgical Artistry, we have received this question on the phone a few times.  We were initially surprised that patients would be confused on the internet.  The we realized that they were not searching for Dr. T. Tammy Wu via her first name which is “Tzuying.”  “Tammy” is her middle name.  Thus when entering the search, use Dr. Tzuying Wu.  Then you’ll find the results you are looking for.

Website to check for Plastic Surgery Board Certification


About Dr. Calvin Lee

As an aside, Dr. Calvin Lee, her husband, is board certified in surgery.

Website to check for General Surgery Board Certification

Dr. Calvin Lee is board certified in Surgery.
Dr. Calvin Lee is board certified in Surgery.


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Modesto Plastic Surgery:

Modesto Botox:

Botox Injector chooses a Vegan Diet

I’m the Botox injector and here’s some of my own personal ramblings that helped me in my journey of being a Vegan.

Advice given to me and below is my own thoughts about it:



Variety of food comes from a variety of places…all things are innately (or naturally) from the heavens and so is the health of one’s being…use heart (compassion) to consume (or take) from nature, and why ask where it comes from?…one should try to fulfill one’s aspiration and that happiness is what truly matters…life, like the moon, is seldom perfect, so whole heartedly try your best and not be worried about what other’s think. To understand and reach for enlightenment from within…what can be seen is beautiful (seize the day), so treasure one’s blessings

I am a selfish and wasteful person for much of my life. I still am. But I am trying to improve.  I tend to be very verbose. But also feel free to ignore my ramblings.

I agree that I have many blessings and I strive for personal enlightenment every day. One of the biggest blessings I have is to be connected with all of you. 

I agree with you that happiness is important. It has been a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time – how do I attain happiness? Is it merely satisfaction with the absence of negativity? Or is it something more like the journey toward a worthwhile goal? I think it’s a question I will continue to ask of myself, and meanwhile, I will attempt to enjoy the journey toward the answer of this question regarding happiness.

For now, I’ve decided for myself, that I would enjoy saving energy – especially since I’ve been so wasteful. By saving energy, there would be more for others to share and more saved for the future to use. I think our bodies are mainly energy – which means that our lives are mainly energy. 

In 2010, our house was burglarized and much of our belongings were stolen. This helped me view life somewhat differently. I realized that I didn’t need much of the things I owned for happiness. Subsequently, I decided to look for happiness in other things rather than material objects. 

In 2011, I decided to invest in solar panels for my house and become vegan. Both were related decisions. Both involve efficiently harnessing the sun’s energy. By eating Vegan (which is vegetarian with no eggs, no milk, no honey), I am saving solar energy. I agree, food comes from a variety of sources. But plant based foods are made with a lot less solar energy than flesh based foods. A pound of flesh takes 100 to 1000 times more solar energy to feed than a pound of vegetables. In other words, the animal that I eat, had to eat a lot of vegetables before I got to eat the animal; It might be 100 pounds of vegetables before I got to eat the 1 pound of meat. Plus, I cut out the energy needed to protect, shelter, and give antibiotics to the animal, and I hopefully reduce the negative karmic energy produced from suffering when the animal is slaughtered or when it’s food source (ie. honey) is taken away. 

I love being vegan and what it represents for me. It is my source of satisfaction and happiness. It is my way of reducing waste and saving resources for our future. I feel that it is my duty to preserve the future. I feel that eating meat is definitely acceptable. But I am too lazy to be worthy of such high energy consumption. If I were a much more efficient person and I didn’t spend so much time on FaceBook, or if my pet was my only source of food – then eating meat would be the right thing for me. But I am not efficient and I love sitting on my butt in front of FaceBook (and I won’t even mention my pet – which I don’t have one, but if I did…) – thus I feel that I am not worthy of such a high energy food such as meat. 

My thought process into this for the past few years is evolving and perhaps even faulty. I have been Vegan for over 3 years. I used solar energy in my discussion because it seems to simplify the discussion in my mind, anyway.  I appreciate all suggestions and help as I journey through this life. I will definitely cherish all the guidance and think about all the thoughts generously given to me. In the end, I know it’s my life to live, and my decisions plant the seeds for the future. Nourishment does come from a variety of sources. Thank you for feeding me with wisdom.

Do many people in Modesto get Botox?

I get this question from time to time.  Usually from patients who feel that they are unique in getting Botox.  I think Botox patients in general are relatively private about their injections.  Thus, it might feel like an isolated event – getting Botox.

But working in my office, it feels as if everyone in Modesto is getting Botox.

Visit my 2014 summary statistics regarding Botox usage in my Botox practice in Modesto.

Highlights from that page reveals that: 503 different patients were seen for Botox in 2014. This is up from 374 last year.

What’s even more impressive is that through my patients, I’ve been able to compile a list of other injectors in the Modesto area, and I have found over 40 injectors for Botox in the Modesto area.  I made of list of Modesto Area Botox injectors.  The list has 37 injectors on it.  But there are a few who I haven’t exactly been able to identify, but through my patients, they are sure that they exist.

Regardless, I hope you pick us for your Botox injections.

Botox Usage Summary 2014

For my own practice, I felt compelled to compile some summary statistics to help me with future Botox ordering.  I rely on my staff for tallying up usage of Botox and also on Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program which has an analytics sections which produces excel spreadsheets.

The numbers here are not absolute.  They are more like approximations because there are rounding issues and also reporting of days worked which may represent an operating day without any Botox injections.

Overhead of our Botox Practice:

Unfortunately, this number seems to be a lot higher than I had expected.  Without going into detail on the calculation, I’ll just leave it that it’s about a 80% overhead.  Perhaps in another blog, I’ll go over the factors in my own calculation.

2014 Botox Statistics

  • Number of Botox Units used: 34234 (342 vials)
  • Number of Syringes of filler: 443
  • Number of days I worked in the year: 228
  • Number of Botox units per month: 2852 (28 vials)
  • Number of Botox units per day (365 per year):  93
  • Number of Botox units per working day (220 per year):  155
  • Number of Botox visits per year:  1009
  • Number of Botox units per 1009 visits:  33.9

Botox Summary

  • 6.5 vials of Botox used per week.
  • 28 vials of Botox used per month.
  • 342 vials of Botox used per year.
  • 155 units of Botox used per working day (220 days).
  • 4.5 Botox visits per working day (220 days).
  • 1009 Botox visits for the year.
  • I worked 220 days per year.  But I have not been available every single one of these days for Botox injections.  Some of these days are reserved for surgery only.
  • The average number of units of Botox used per Botox visit is 34 units of Botox.
  • 503 different patients were seen for Botox in 2014.  This is up from 374 last year.

For links to more updates regarding Botox Statistics, please visit my Modesto Botox home page. or the home page of this Modesto Botox update.

Visit this link for Modesto Botox Statistics regarding Brilliant Distinctions Members.

Violin lessons and Surgery

Click the picture below for an enlarged version.

Article from May/June 2014 issue of Contentment Health
Article from May/June 2014 issue of Contentment Health


Text link of the article about early music lessons and how it benefited me as a Surgeon and Botox injector in Modesto, California.

Genesis of the Music and Medicine article

A former classmate of mine who is now on the board of a school in New York asked if I’d write a few words to her board about the importance of music education.  I decided to write this article which eventually got published in a Modesto, California area magazine.

I do feel that music education is one of the most important pieces  of my young life which helped me develop into who I am today, and it helps me throughout all the things I do as a Surgeon, Acupuncturist, and Botox injector.

Nature pictures of Modesto

After visiting New Zealand, I was inspired to see nature in a different way in Modesto, where I live.  There’s beauty all around us – even in Modesto – especially in Modesto.

These were pictures taken by me in the Modesto Area – in Central Valley California.

a modesto goat IMG_9542 - Copy
Our #1 slogan in Modesto: “Nobody’s Got Modesto’s Goat.”  This was supposed to be the original slogan on Modesto’s locally famous arch.  The Modesto Arch now says: “Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health.”
a barn owl IMG_9564 - Copy - Copy
I still can’t believe I left New Zealand. I miss my new friends that I’ve met on the trip. But here’s a picture of what I see here in Modesto / Central Valley, California. A neighbor’s barn owls.
a close up owl IMG_9564 - Copy
Closer picture of the face of these owls. I think it’s maybe a barn owl couple. The barn owl’s heart-shaped face collects sound in the same way as human ears. Its hearing is the most sensitive of any creature tested.
a IMG_9571 - Copy
Goats in Modesto
a lady bug IMG_9552 - Copy
Hello ladybug!
A bowl of tangerines from our backyard in Modesto, California.
A bowl of tangerines from our backyard in Modesto, California.


I have some landscape pictures of Modesto, but perhaps I’ll post them some other day.

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