What makes you Happy?

Today, I had decided that I have had enough of this COVID craziness bringing us down, so I asked my Surgical Artistry team to come up with a list of things that make them happy.

We have been keeping in touch via ZOOM

Nikki’s LIST of what makes her happy:

Omg, came back to 40 texts, lol! Sorry- I had to go for a drive and get out. Things that I am doing during shut down to keep me sane and that make me happy-

1- Deep, intellectual conversations with my almost 14 year old daughter
2- Waking up at my normal time to keep my internal clock going
3- Decaf Irish Tea with Coconut Creamer in the morning
4- Making my plant based smoothies so I don’t turn into a buffalo during isolation
5- Staying busy and being productive with work so I feel like I’m earning my pay!
6- Gardening and cultivating my Japanese Maples– I have 6 seedlings that are thriving!
7- Baking cakes
8- Playing with my puppies and my kitty
9- meditation
10- singing
11- walks around my beautiful neighborhood
12- movies!!!
13- having time for self reflection and how I can be even better all around
14-  video chats with my best friends and with my co-workers
15- Loud music whenever the heck I want!
16-Taking long lunches and eating whatever I want!!!

There’s much more but it’ll be too long, lol.

I miss you all

Shauna’s List:

During this crazy time, these are a few things that I wake up thankful for each day:

1. Spending way more time with my kiddo. 

2. Archie, my pug. 

3. Running and/or walking everyday with my daughter and pup. 

4. Gardening. 

5. Reading. 

6. Spending more time in the kitchen. 

7. Zoom-for allowing me to keep in touch with and able to see the faces of my friends and family. I grew up with my dad in the Navy. We didn’t have this technology when he was away. It could be 6 months before we saw him. 

8. Music.

9. Knowing that I have some amazing friends that are out there doing incredible things. Nurses, grocery store employees, firefighters, and a VERY special seamstress who is donating her time and efforts to make masks for “the essentials”. 

10. Getting caught up on my  “to-do” list. 

11. Having “me” time. I usually work 6 days a week, 60+ hours. So this has been crucial and not taken for granted. 

12. The health of myself and my family.

13. Netflix and Disney

14. Good wine

Angelique’s List of of Happiness

Subject: Things that make me happy

1) Pad Tai makes me happy and I learned to make it!!! Lol
2) Lots of date nights with the Hubby
3) exercising
4) swimming
5) chocolate ??
6) being a mother to two great daughters.
7) being able to come into work although very little
8) my kitties that always make me smile
9) my family, Dr. Wu and Lee and all my friends  being safe through Covid -19.
10) Goal to eat healthy and God willing stay well and wishing everyone the same.

Just a few I have many things to add.

Mark’s List:

These are a few of my COVID-19 friendly activities:
1. Spending time with my wife
2. Playing videogames
3. Reading
4. Relaxing walks in the moonlight
5. Watching Netflix
6. Video chatting with friends
7. Suprising friends/coworkers by showing up on the video wearing a mask or costume
8. Taking a bath
9. Drinking a cup of warm tea or coffee
10. Playing music for my wife and cats

Franchesca’s List of things that make her happy:

  1. My family  and friends being in good health
  2. Being able to spend so much time with my son and fur babies
  3. Working out, that’s my sanity!
  4. Seeing how complete strangers are coming together to help each other out!
  5. Enjoying a nice cup of coffee in my jammies
  6. Having time to catch up on house chores
  7. My phone, that way I can facetime with family and friends
  8. Last but not least, knowing that we will all get through this !!

What makes Vanessa Happy:

What makes me happy:

1.  My friends and family are well!
2.  Practicing gratitude…my family has so much to be grateful for!
3.  Having time to exercise daily!
4.  Being able to help my son with homeschooling until his Summer break!
5.  Having more time to get my homework completed!
6.  Having time to complete much needed Spring cleaning!
7.  Amazon Prime!
8.  Streaming services!
9.  Technology such as Zoom that allowed me to continue to work with patients and see friends and family.
10. Smart phones and social media to keep us connected and informed and able to have food delivered, play games together     etc.
11. Last but certainly not least, seeing the HELPERS. Seeing on the news and/or social media the humanitarians that give their time and money to those in need. I think that one actually makes me the happiest.
12. Watching to see how people and companies get creative and adjust in order to do the best we can during this time. It’s all a great opportunity for learning!

What makes Suleika Happy? (our Obagi Rep)

-wake up early to see the sunrise
-sunny days
-riding my bike
-working out with my son
-spending time with family
-reading a good book
-playing board and card games-listen to music

Elena’s List:

Things that make me happy

  1. My handsome husband and beautiful Danika
  2. My family is healthy
  3. Coffee
  4. Danika’s innocence. It makes the tough times so much easier. She’s the light in all of this darkness
  5. Danika sleeping through the night 
  6. Danika hugs
  7. Having the time to ride my bike and exercise more
  8. Self care
  9. Coffee
  10. Technology that allows us to stay in touch with friends and loved ones while sheltering in place 
  11. Seeing all of the GOOD in the people and world coming out in the most trying times. 
  12. Helping others 
  13. My husband coming home from a long day’s work
  14. Being able to spend so much quality time with Danika right. Is
  15. Did I say coffee?
  16. Learning new ways to save money 
  17. FaceTime
  18. Connection
  19. Foooooooodddd

Dr. Tammy Wu wrote:

1. Meditation 


2. Running 


‍3. Being able to accomplish my to-do list as planned 


 4. Having happy patients, 


‍🦰happy and healthy staff 


5. Discovering and baking new delicious vegan gluten free treats


 6. Living in a peaceful world 


 7. Being around courteous and respectful people





8. Waking up healthy every morning 


I (Dr. Lee wrote)

1. Going on dates with Mr. Bear.
2. Going for a run.
3. Stretching.
4. Making goals
5. Accomplishing goals
6. Getting my blood pressure down.
7. Eating carbs.
8. Eating potato chips (well that’s a carb too).
9. Doing 20,000 steps a day
10. Watching Amazon prime (I don’t have Netflix anymore).
11. Cooking vegan.
12. Doing IG and FB

Botox Injector chooses a Vegan Diet

I’m the Botox injector and here’s some of my own personal ramblings that helped me in my journey of being a Vegan.

Advice given to me and below is my own thoughts about it:



Variety of food comes from a variety of places…all things are innately (or naturally) from the heavens and so is the health of one’s being…use heart (compassion) to consume (or take) from nature, and why ask where it comes from?…one should try to fulfill one’s aspiration and that happiness is what truly matters…life, like the moon, is seldom perfect, so whole heartedly try your best and not be worried about what other’s think. To understand and reach for enlightenment from within…what can be seen is beautiful (seize the day), so treasure one’s blessings

I am a selfish and wasteful person for much of my life. I still am. But I am trying to improve.  I tend to be very verbose. But also feel free to ignore my ramblings.

I agree that I have many blessings and I strive for personal enlightenment every day. One of the biggest blessings I have is to be connected with all of you. 

I agree with you that happiness is important. It has been a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time – how do I attain happiness? Is it merely satisfaction with the absence of negativity? Or is it something more like the journey toward a worthwhile goal? I think it’s a question I will continue to ask of myself, and meanwhile, I will attempt to enjoy the journey toward the answer of this question regarding happiness.

For now, I’ve decided for myself, that I would enjoy saving energy – especially since I’ve been so wasteful. By saving energy, there would be more for others to share and more saved for the future to use. I think our bodies are mainly energy – which means that our lives are mainly energy. 

In 2010, our house was burglarized and much of our belongings were stolen. This helped me view life somewhat differently. I realized that I didn’t need much of the things I owned for happiness. Subsequently, I decided to look for happiness in other things rather than material objects. 

In 2011, I decided to invest in solar panels for my house and become vegan. Both were related decisions. Both involve efficiently harnessing the sun’s energy. By eating Vegan (which is vegetarian with no eggs, no milk, no honey), I am saving solar energy. I agree, food comes from a variety of sources. But plant based foods are made with a lot less solar energy than flesh based foods. A pound of flesh takes 100 to 1000 times more solar energy to feed than a pound of vegetables. In other words, the animal that I eat, had to eat a lot of vegetables before I got to eat the animal; It might be 100 pounds of vegetables before I got to eat the 1 pound of meat. Plus, I cut out the energy needed to protect, shelter, and give antibiotics to the animal, and I hopefully reduce the negative karmic energy produced from suffering when the animal is slaughtered or when it’s food source (ie. honey) is taken away. 

I love being vegan and what it represents for me. It is my source of satisfaction and happiness. It is my way of reducing waste and saving resources for our future. I feel that it is my duty to preserve the future. I feel that eating meat is definitely acceptable. But I am too lazy to be worthy of such high energy consumption. If I were a much more efficient person and I didn’t spend so much time on FaceBook, or if my pet was my only source of food – then eating meat would be the right thing for me. But I am not efficient and I love sitting on my butt in front of FaceBook (and I won’t even mention my pet – which I don’t have one, but if I did…) – thus I feel that I am not worthy of such a high energy food such as meat. 

My thought process into this for the past few years is evolving and perhaps even faulty. I have been Vegan for over 3 years. I used solar energy in my discussion because it seems to simplify the discussion in my mind, anyway.  I appreciate all suggestions and help as I journey through this life. I will definitely cherish all the guidance and think about all the thoughts generously given to me. In the end, I know it’s my life to live, and my decisions plant the seeds for the future. Nourishment does come from a variety of sources. Thank you for feeding me with wisdom.