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Acupuncture, Botox, Juvederm, vein annual growth for Calvin Lee, MD

I am very thankful and proud. In 2006, I reinvented myself from General/Trauma surgeon to Acupuncture/Cosmetic Surgeon. In the operating room, I have been assisting in Tummy Tucks, Face-Lifts & breast surgeries done by my wife, THE Plastic Surgeon for the past 10 yrs. This graph shows the growth of what I do OUTSIDE the operating room, in our SURGICAL ARTISTRY office: Acupuncture & Cosmetic Injections. I use hundreds of needles per day. I started my practice with only 58 office visits in 2006. Last year I exploded to 3371 visits with one of the highest retention rates of patients in the country according to Allergan. I am so grateful to my patients for trusting me. I am also so grateful to my supportive parents, Dr. Tammy Wu, her parents/brothers and to those who have directly helped me grow this new world for me:

Jeannine M, Andrew M, Ken T, Christine Donham Landrum, Jacquie A,Jessica Vargas, Annabeth Ghiglia Allan, Lorena Redula, Katherine Ruth,Karla A Valente, Lynne C, Sarah S, Lea S.

Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon, Heidi Ryan, Karen Kopecki Hodges Lozano, Vickie Chu-Hermis

Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, McHenry Medical Group (First Choice Physicians), Doctors Medical Center, Memorial Medical Center

Alyssa Petrino, Chris W, Jeran Wadlow, Suleika Bauer, Tadra Rex, Nicholas Eichhorn, Jennifer M, Brooke Cramer, Joe K, Jenny D, Tom Z, Cherise P.,Bree Alexander

Kempton Stephens, Katherine Barton, Paul B, Charles Cherrie Suntra,Enoch Choi

It has been a tremendous first 10 years at Surgical Artistry and I’m looking forward to the next 10.

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Latisse pricing in the Bay Area?

I attempt to answer another public forum question.  This one comes from San Ramon, California.

Latisse for under $125 for 5 mil bottle?

I am looking for more latisse, however, it seems as if the price has almost doubled over the last 2 years. Does anyone know of any place around the Bay Area that sells the 5 mil bottle for around 125?

My Answer:

Thanks for the info on the price doubling!

I have a practice in Modesto, California.  Not too far from your location.  If the price of Latisse had doubled, then I really need to catch up to that.  I have kept my prices very close to the same for a long time – meaning since Latisse came out in 2009.

​The 5 ML Latisse kit launched around August 2012 with a list price of $179 from the very start.  And the suggested price was $120 for the 3 mL Latisse kit from 2009.  The prices sold at pharmacies is much higher than these prices I’ve quoted for physicians offices.  Perhaps you’ve been looking at pharmacy prices? These prices have always been higher than physician prices with my understanding.

​I know a little bit about Latisse and have connections with Allergan who makes Latisse because I was one of the original Latisse speakers for the product – rolling it out for other physicians to carry in their offices.  I had the honor of giving Latisse talks in Reno, Fresno, Modesto, Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek, Napa, and other places.  But it has been several years since I’ve given a Latisse lecture.

​3ML vs 5ML Latisse

​There is of course the price difference.  But with the 5ML, you are getting 67% more drug, and 133% more brushes.  And the suggested usage duraing increases by 150%.

​What I charge (if this helps):

Our practice doesn’t often have specials.  Thus I try to keep the Latisse price consistent; a good value most of the time.

​We charge $100 for the 3mL size Latisse which is the original size.  And we charge $149 for the 5mL size Latisse which is the new larger size.  From what I understand,  the bottles are the same size but the 5 mL is filled up to the top.  But there may be different batches with different tops on the Latisse bottles.

​We also require that I personally make contact with the buyer of Latisse.

​Answering your question:

​To answer your question, I don’t know of anyone in the area selling Latisse for $125 or less.

​I will look into the price doubling issue.  Thank you for your comment and question.

​Calvin Lee, MD
​Giving Latisse Consultations in Modesto, California