Kristine Papillon – Crumpet the Trumpet

I have written bits and pieces about how my early music education has helped me become a better doctor, better surgeon, better Botox injector, better acupuncturist, and best of all, a better person.  I especially benefited from meeting amazing musical friends while growing up.


I had some amazing friends while growing up in New York. Kristine Papillon was my violin-friend. We played gigs together, listened to classical concerts at Carnegie Hall together, got yelled at by our violin teacher (well, at least I got yelled at), and dreamed of becoming real-deal musicians when we grew up. Well, today, Kristine is a real-deal musician (author, illustrator, mother, and much more) and she has always taken everything to the highest level. A few months ago, I wanted to put together a home recording studio. When Kristine saw my interest there, she showed me this picture of her at a real-deal recording studio at Sweetwater Sound – she was recording the soundtrack for her children’s book “Crumpet the Trumpet” I’m so proud of what she has become and what she has done. I’m glad she has moved beyond my bad influences from our childhood. More pictures at the link below. Her book is for sale at that website (click the link below) and would support her professional orchestra. Kristine was just interviewed by NPR!

The accompanying soundtrack done by Anne Akiko Meyers, Wynton Marsalis, Dan Ross, Eric Schweikert, Derek Reeves, Hillary Feibel, Anne Preucil Lewellen, Alexander Klepach, Irene Ator, David Ling, and Akira Murotani. It’s narrated by the Music Director of the Ft. Wayne Philharmonic, Andrew Constantine. Best yet, many of the proceeds will go to the Ft. Wayne Philharmonic!

Kristine Papillon Author of Crumpet the Trumpet
Kristine Papillon Author of Crumpet the Trumpet


Crumpet the Trumpet by Kristine Papillon