Components of my Botox Consultation

Consultation components for me Botox (and this can be used for Latisse, Obagi, Veins etc) include:

1. Expectations (how long to kick in, how long it lasts, and what results to expect?)

2. Risks (droopy lid/brow, etc)

3. Alternatives (patients need to be informed and make choices)

4. Contraindications (ie. pregancy/ Breastfeeding/ neurological diseases)

5. Identification of the problems in the patient (static lines vs. dynamic lines for wrinkles)

6. Discussion of possibilities with cosmetic injections (what can I do for them well – if not this time, perhaps next time).

7. Physical examination of existing scars, hemangiomas, pimples, infections, veins.  Pictures document many of these things and palpation finds many issues as well.  Visual inspection of the veins is important in an attempt to avoid intravascular injection and potential bad bruising.

What helps surgical dexterity? Piano practice!

I’m always thinking about Surgery, Botox, Kybella, and Acupuncture.  I think that piano practice is a small subset of my surgical world which helps me with everything.

a single bee IMG_5542 - Copy - Copy - Copy

I just heard about a Concerto piano competition in Los Angeles which requires a video submission as part of the first round.  If I make it past the judging of the video and make it to the next round, I have to play a movement from a piano concerto.  I’ve never played a piano concerto before, but I might be able to figure it out.

But first, I’m not sure which video to send.  Any suggestions on which video is best?

Version #1:  Chopin Harp Etude


Version #2: Chopin Harp Etude


Mr. Bearthoven Version #3:

Mr. Bear and I wrote this piece together along with a strong influence from Chopin.  I played the track first, then added Mr. Bear to the picture.  I kinda made this by accident, but I’m glad it worked out.   On another note, I am pretty sure that Chopin wouldn’t approve.

Does Acupuncture Help with Acne?

Acupuncture for Acne?

I got this question today and here’s my attempted answer:

Hi! I have tried acupuncture many times for Acne and still get requests for it – many times it’s in combination with other treatments for the patients – such as for stress or weight loss. My patients report that it helps with acne. But I’m not sure how well it really works. But I’m happy for the positive feedback from my patients.  In my opinion, acupuncture is somewhat mediocre of a treatment for acne (in my hands). But because the side effects are low, I sometimes think that it’s worth a try. And by a “try” I usually tell the patients that we can try 4 sessions of acupuncture (spaced about 1 week apart) and if we see an improvement, then it’s worth continuing the acupuncture, if we don’t see an improvement, then it’s time to quit acupuncture. I currently charge $125 for the first visit then $75 for subsequent visits (prices subject to change – please call us).  There is acupuncture for skin health and there is acupuncture for hormonal stabilization which are both modalities I use with acupuncture to try to help with acne.  Feel free to call us if you want to schedule an appointment 209-551-1888. I also have other ways to treat acne along with acupuncture. It may involve prescribing antibioticstopically for the skin. Or the Obagi Clenziderm system – all available with us. Or the Blue Peel Radiance which I would perform on the face for acne reduction – or perhaps a combination of all these things. Best of health!

Botox for Acne?

oh and on a side note – I can’t help but mention that Botox has been known to somewhat help with inflammatory processes of the skin – which includes Acne.  Thus if there’s acne on the forehead and there are wrinkles in that same place – what a wonderful opportunity to try Botox!  Same too for pebbly chin – we can inject Botox in the chin area!  There is a new growing world of mesoBotox where Botox is injected in diluted amounts superficially into the cheek skin.  This is supposed to create some tightness and I think it would reduce acne in that area – but I haven’t tried it enough to recommend it fully.

Calvin Lee, MD
Modesto Botox and Acupuncture


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For Active Acne we can try:

  • Acupuncture for skin health
  • Acupuncture for hormonal stabilization
  • Blue Peel Radiance
  • Obagi Clenziderm system
  • Topical Antibiotics – we also carry these in our office
  • Botox if on the forehead or chin.
  • MesoBotox for the cheeks perhaps something to try in the future.