Botox Usage Summary 2014

For my own practice, I felt compelled to compile some summary statistics to help me with future Botox ordering.  I rely on my staff for tallying up usage of Botox and also on Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program which has an analytics sections which produces excel spreadsheets.

The numbers here are not absolute.  They are more like approximations because there are rounding issues and also reporting of days worked which may represent an operating day without any Botox injections.

Overhead of our Botox Practice:

Unfortunately, this number seems to be a lot higher than I had expected.  Without going into detail on the calculation, I’ll just leave it that it’s about a 80% overhead.  Perhaps in another blog, I’ll go over the factors in my own calculation.

2014 Botox Statistics

  • Number of Botox Units used: 34234 (342 vials)
  • Number of Syringes of filler: 443
  • Number of days I worked in the year: 228
  • Number of Botox units per month: 2852 (28 vials)
  • Number of Botox units per day (365 per year):  93
  • Number of Botox units per working day (220 per year):  155
  • Number of Botox visits per year:  1009
  • Number of Botox units per 1009 visits:  33.9

Botox Summary

  • 6.5 vials of Botox used per week.
  • 28 vials of Botox used per month.
  • 342 vials of Botox used per year.
  • 155 units of Botox used per working day (220 days).
  • 4.5 Botox visits per working day (220 days).
  • 1009 Botox visits for the year.
  • I worked 220 days per year.  But I have not been available every single one of these days for Botox injections.  Some of these days are reserved for surgery only.
  • The average number of units of Botox used per Botox visit is 34 units of Botox.
  • 503 different patients were seen for Botox in 2014.  This is up from 374 last year.

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