Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon Expo pictures

Dr. Tammy Wu and I participated in a small way in marathon expos throughout California to spread awareness of the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon.  I was looking to find pictures of the race directors:  Heidi, Karen, and Vickie.  And I found some of these gems which I just stuck together here.  Pictures below range from years 2010 to 2014.  And are taken in cities of Santa Barbara, Fresno, Monterey, Sacramento, and Santa Rosa – oh and of course, Modesto.




not sure what year marathon pic with Heidi and Tammy





That’s Mike.  No spiders were harmed.









In black is Vickie

December 2015 Botox statistics per day

I’m writing this on 12/18/15.  These are basically notes to myself and eventually may be used as a guide in 2016 to help the Botox representatives in their national Botox database.  Allergan/Botox likes to do studies like that.  Data below from Brilliant Distinctions.  However, Brilliant distinctions isn’t used by all of our patients, and thus the data may be somewhat short; meaning that the actual numbers are probably higher than the ones reported below.  I have also found that many of my patients are from Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, CA.  And in general the majority of my patients are nurses.  I think this stems from my history of working at DMC much more than Memorial Hospital in Modesto, CA.

First 14 work days of December 2015 Botox statistics reveal:

  • 3774 units of Botox used.
  • 98 Botox patients seen (this would include Juvederm/dermal filler patients who received Botox.  But this would not include Juvederm/dermal filler patients who did not receive Botox).
  • 65 Syringes of dermal filler used.

How much Botox do I use per day?  269 units.

Using the data above from 14 days of work in December 2015, I come up with the following info:

  • 269.5 units of Botox used per day (per work day)
  • 7 Botox patients per day
  • 4.6 syringes of filler used per day.

What’s our average units of Botox used per patient?  38.5 Units.

  • 38.51 U of Botox is the average number of units used per patient over the 14 days of data collection.
  • 38.27 U of Botox is the average number of units used throughout my entire year of 2015 up to 12/18/15 – calculated from 1340 Botox visits and 51,283 U of Botox used for those 1340 Botox visits.

How much Botox is used per month?  42 Bottles.

  • As a rough estimate, if I take 51,283U of botox used and divide that by 12 months.  I would get 4,273 U of Botox used per month on average which would be 42 bottles of Botox a month on average.

How much filler do I use per month? 54 syringes per month.

As a rough estimate, taking 659 syringes of fillers used this year up to 12/18/15 and divide by 12 months, I would get 54.92 syringes per month.

Visit us in Modesto, California for Botox.

The data here is for my Surgical Artistry Modesto Botox practice.  Please feel free to visit one of my Modesto Botox webpages

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Sutter related pages on FaceBook

Sutter-Memorial is one of the hospitals where we have performed much of our plastic surgery procedures:  especially breast augmentations and tummy tucks.  They have decided to partner up with another hospital where we have worked: Stanislaus Surgical Hospital.  All of these hospitals are in Modesto.

stanislaus surgical hospital cover photo
Picture of me on the hospital home page

Facebook pages related to Sutter / Modesto


Arra Yerganian

Chief Marketing and Branding Officer for Sutter Health. “This is a milestone for our organization and for the community. Sutter Health serves nearly three-and-a-half million people in Northern California in over 100 communities, and we couldn’t be more proud to partner with an organization like the Quakes, who embody our spirit as an organization.”

The Sutter Health network is headquartered in Sacrament

Craig Baize.  Modesto, California Area – ‎Marketing and Communications Manager at Sutter Health Central Valley Region – ‎Sutter Health Central Valley Region.

Memorial Medical Center, Modesto
Craig Baize
(209) 572-5908





Teens Run Modesto Program Sponsor – Surgical Artistry

Dr. Tammy Wu, plastic surgeon, & I just became program sponsors for TEENS RUN MODESTO which builds confidence & discipline while training for the SURGICAL ARTISTRY Modesto Marathon. Congratulations to all the participants and mentors.

The Surgical Artistry Modesto marathon is in March, and it 2016, it will be the 7th annual installment.  A plastic surgeon sponsored marathon and teen training program!

combined logo with letters teens run surgical artistry - try this

How long does Botox Last?

How long does Botox Last?

“Approximately how long does Botox last and does it depend on the area’s that are injected??”

I got this question regarding the duration of action of Botox today on my FaceBook page.  I tried to answer it very simply:

My Botox Duration Answer:

So many factors. But I need to boil that question down to an answer. I would say that Botox lasts 3-4 months. It mainly depends on the dosage used vs. the strength of the muscle. So I will aim to try to get the Botox to wear off at the same time. But I am usually very light on the forehead – so that area might lose it’s effect first, followed by crows feet, then lastly the Glabellar complex (11’s between the eyes). Hope the info helps!

With really high injections of Botox, I think it could last 5 months. Many factors to consider: Botox factors, Injector factors, environment factors, and patient factors!

Botox 111

A slightly related link:

Botox doesn’t work as well anymore – what to do?

Modesto Botox home page

Cumulative Monthly BOTOX usage reveals 149% change

Comparing 2015 to 2014 in terms of BOTOX growth

I don’t have December yet, but comparing Jan-November, I am lucky to be able to present a 149% change from last year in our Modesto BOTOX usage. I like to make reports for the Botox company, so they can see how the team is doing. I welcome the representatives and Allergan managers as part of my Surgical Artistry team and I want them to feel good about their efforts. I appreciate them very much for all the help they have given me and my patients. Just having fun with an old spreadsheet (2003 Excel – and I use a flip phone with no text messaging).

cumulative botox 2014 2015 with title

Above graph shows the cumulative monthly Botox usage and compares 2015 to 2014.  I am missing the month of December because it isn’t over yet.  But I think it shows a nice trend – and it shows a 149% change (or a 49% growth in the usage of Botox).  I have other Botox statistics from previous posts – be sure to check those if there is any interest under the “Botox Statistics” category section. And there is also another Botox blog besides this one which I sort-of stopped updating recently.  In that blog I have this valuable Botox statistics report for 2014.

And the hard Botox data:

I think sometimes this is called running totals.  So if I look at March’s Botox data – that means the total amount of Botox I used from the beginning of the year to March.

Cumulative data
2014 2015
January 2798 2701
February 4576 5562
March 7401 9983
April 9881 14621
May 12592 18513
June 15803 23864
July 19133 29629
August 22207 33390
September 24130 37377
October 28374 42088
November 31925 47509

About My Botox use in 2014

I felt very proud of 2014’s usage of Botox and at times felt that it couldn’t be any better.  But 2015 proved that we can continue to improve!