Botox in Modesto – where to get Botox?

My List of Botox injectors in the Modesto Area

Of course, I’d say, hopefully for your BOTOX injections, you’ll come to me:  Calvin Lee, MD – Botox Surgeon in Modesto, CA.  My website is

One of my Modesto patients who came to me for Botox, said to me that I must not get very much competition because I’m the only Botox injector she has heard of in Modesto.  I’m flattered, but I think she is very mislead somehow.  As a doctor, I’m always trying to find answers.   So I worked on this question of “who else injects Botox in Modesto?” (besides me and my wife – Dr. Tammy Wu, Plastic Surgeon).   Much of this comes from online sources on Botox-find-a-doctor from Allergan, and other companies who make neuromodulators such as Xeomin and Dysport.  So this is Botox Blog entry is the result of my little online research.

This list may not be complete or may even be out of date.  My source of info is directly from my Botox patients from informal conversations.  I hope this list will be of help if I am not available, etc.

A list of places to get Botox injections in Modesto, California

I’ve included nearby towns such as Oakdale, Ceres and Turlock.  These cities are within 25 miles of Modesto, CA (or more narrowly estimated: 20 mile radius).  The listing is in no particular order except that I had placed us first on the list, just because I’m the one making the list and that this is my BOTOX Blog.  Below is a list of Botox injectors, the list would be longer if I didn’t just focus mainly on Cosmetic Botox injections.  There are also neurological (Botox for Migraines), and urological uses for Botox, such as Botox for bladder spasm.  But these practitioners are not listed here.   On a personal note, I do Botox for migraine headaches and for hyperhidrosis (sweating), but I don’t do any Botox for the bladder.

Modesto Botox Injectors, a rough map from Notice that we're on the top right corner of the Modesto Map.
Modesto Botox Injectors, a rough map from Notice that we’re on the top right corner of the Modesto Map.

MODESTO BOTOX  –  Where to get Botox LOCATIONS

Calvin Lee, MD
Calvin Lee, MD
  1. Calvin Lee, MD: Surgical Artistry with Tammy Wu, MD (that’s us!) – Modesto – I am a board certified general surgeon
  2. Tammy Wu, MD Plastic Surgeon Modesto – board certified plastic surgeon
  3. Lisa Hunt – Modesto – may have moved.
  4. Vance Roget – Modesto
  5. Lorenzo Aguilar – Modesto
  6. John Willsen – Dermatology, Modesto, Turlock, Kaiser
  7. David Ruiz – Dermatology, Modesto, Kaiser.
  8. American Laser Centers – Florida Ave in Modesto (I’m not sure if this is in Modesto or Stockton, I’ve heard both, so I listed it here).
  9. Sashi Sood – Modesto Laser Soft – Hair Removal, Veins
  10. Hillock Family Dental – Donald Hillock, Modesto, CA
  11. Lars Enevoldsen – Plastic Surgeon Modesto, Skinfinite Solutions
  12. Theodore Staahl – Modesto – MD Laser Center
  13. Advanced Laser Clinic of Modesto
  14. Juan Del Valle, Modesto
  15. Catherine Biren – Modesto
  16. Kerry Evnin – Modesto – Above Lasers
  17. Purita Villaneuva – Modesto and Concord, CA
  18. Romeo Medical Clinic – Turlock, Modesto
  19. William Anderson – Turlock
  20. Dan G. Anderson – Modesto
  21. James Payne – Plastic Surgeon Modesto
  22. Grace Kwon-Hong – Skin Renew Laser Medical Ctr – Modesto
  23. Patrick Rhoades – Valley Laser Care – Modesto
  24. Dr. 95350 with Patrick Rhoades, Modesto
  25. Michael Schorr – Patterson, Modesto, Oakdale via visits to other doctors offices.
  26. MD Plus Medical Spa Skincare and Laser Center – Modesto – Grady Mixon, MD
  27. Central Valley Dermatology – Manteca
  28. Abbas Kashani – Kashani Facial Plastic Surgery – Manteca
  29. Anil Sain – Manteca
  30. Anjani Thakur – Turlock, Modesto
  31. Juan Del Valle – Modesto Health & Beauty Weight Loss Center Inc.
  32. Gary Wagner – Modesto
  33. Daniel Taheri – LA Laser Center and Skin Center – Modesto
  34. California Cosmetic Head/Neck Assoc -Turlock
  35. Amin Ashrafzadeh, MD – Modesto
  36. John West – Oakdale and Modesto – West Dermatology
  37. Hamid Amirsheybani, MD – Plastic Surgery, Modesto, Sutter-Gould
  38. Charles Suntra, MD – facial plastic surgery, Modesto, Sutter-Gould
  39. Kaiser departments of Neurology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, etc – Modesto
  40. Sutter Gould/Memorial Hospital departments of Neurology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, etc.  They have borrowed Botox from me in the past. – Modesto
  41. Bettina Harner – Neurology, Modesto Sutter
  42. Sara Hamidi – Turlock
  43. David Fuller – Modesto – Obagi Skin Care, Botox, Laser Procedures
  44. Blake Alexander – Modesto Dermatologist
  45. Wesley Wong, DDS, Modesto Dentist
  46. Corbin Kinser, DDS, Modesto Dentist
  47. Kimberly Cockerham, MD, Modesto, Manteca, Lodi, Tracy, Stockton Ophthalmologist
  48. Priscilla Morris, Modesto Anesthesiologist
  49. Modern Urgent Care, Botox in Ceres, California.
  50. Devinder Makker, Botox in Tracy, California
  51. Serenity Medspa & Chiropractic – Modesto, Michael Niccole (Orange County)
  52. A Perfect Finnish – Edmund Kemprud, Tracy, CA
  53. Janna Brocchini, NP  – Ripon, CA
  54. Gifty Aidoo, NP – Modesto, CA
  55. James J Daley – Ripon, CA
  56. Michael Niccole – Modesto, CA
  57. Joel Felix Ramirez Jr – Riverbank, CA
  58. Alonso Jose Martin Del Campo, MD – Modesto, CA / Serenity
  59. Shirley Van, MD – Dermatologist, Modesto, CA
  60. Nurse Alyssa, – Modesto, CA
  61. Nurse Danielle – Modesto, CA
  62. Nurse Jonna – Modesto, CA
  63. Sheila Dobbins, FNP – Modesto, CA
  64. Kacie Avey, RN – Sacramento, Elkgrove, Modesto – Dr. Enevoldsen’s office, Destination Aesthetics, and lately see below: Tailored Medical Spa in Escalon, CA
  65. Ari Blair, RN – Ripon CA
  66. Linda Tourtlotte – Modesto, CA
  67. Escalon Integrative Health – Escalon, CA
  68. John Bystrom, DC
  69. Urenewed – Ripon, CA
  70. Livewell – Turlock, CA
  71. Kacie Avey – Tailored Medical Spa, Escalon, California founded August 2020.
  72. Edward Joseph Stanford, MD – Modesto, CA with Serenity Med Spa & Chiropractic
  73. Christian Constantin Jones, MD – Turlock, CA – Golden State Dermatology
  74. Dr. Muazzum Aman – Escalon, CA
  75. Dr. Ali – Lodi and Modesto, Medical Director of Lux Beauty

Basically Kaiser and Sutter Gould above make up many different Botox injectors, not just one per group. Thus in general, I would say that there’s more than 35 injectors of Botox in the Modesto area.  35+ places to choose in Modesto to get your Botox injections.

Thus when people ask me where else they can get Botox injections in Modesto, I should tell them that there are more than 35 other places to get Botox in Modesto, and then direct them to this page.  Although I would secretly hope that they would stay or come to my office for Botox.

Sources of info for Modesto Botox injectors (and Dysport and Xeomin)

This list will change from time to time and may not be up to day and may not even be all that accurate.  But perhaps this will be of use to you if you are looking for Botox injections and Botox injectors in Modesto, California!  I’ve also included Dysport and Xeomin into this list in case people are looking for those products as well.

Many Choices for your Modesto Botox injections

Once again, hopefully for your BOTOX injections, you’ll come to me:  Calvin Lee, MD – Botox Surgeon in Modesto, CA.  My website is  But as you can see above.  You have choices.

Botox Usages at Surgical Artistry (my office)

  • Frown lines between eyes (glabellar complex) = 11’s
  • Crows Feet
  • Eyebrow lifting
  • Lower eyelid lines
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Neck vertical bands
  • Jowel reduction
  • Square face reduction
  • TMJ – jaw pain
  • Headaches – tension headaches and migraine headaches
  • Sweating under arms and in hands = hyperhidrosis
  • Muscular triggerpoints in the back and other muscles such as calf
  • Botox for Neck pain related to muscles

Many of the listed about procedures are considered off-label FDA usage of Botox.  Please consider seeing your own medical doctor regarding Botox personalized injections – everyone is unique and has different Botox needs and requirements.

My website is – hope you will give it a visit!  And more about my Modesto Botox practice at this other link.