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Calvin Lee, MD

Written for Del Rio Magazine (Modesto, CA).

One of Dr. Calvin Lee’s goals is to continually improve Modesto.  He is proud to help start the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon in 2009 and be a founder of the Gallo Center for the Arts. Recently, he was involved with starting Modesto Moves and Ripon-Manteca Moves – training groups for runners.  Soon there will be a new half marathon called Ripon’s Run, and he is proud to be able to be the initial title sponsor along with DMC. Dr. Calvin Lee is a board certified General Surgeon who lives with his Plastic Surgeon wife, Dr. Tammy Wu, in Rancho Del Rio. He came to Modesto in 2003, joining the McHenry Medical Group as a trauma and general surgeon. In 2006, he formed Surgical Artistry with his wife.  Now at Surgical Artistry, his practice involves a specialty of needles – for acupuncture, Botox and cosmetic injections.

With acupuncture he specializes in treating back pain.  His Botox practice is at the “Top 500 level”, a designation given by the manufactures as one of the busiest 500 accounts in the country out of an estimated 30,000.  With Botox he specializes in cosmetic injections, injections for plantar fasciitis, sweating under the arms, muscular trigger points, and headaches.  With fillers, he enjoys working under the eye lid area, an area called the tear trough.  He considers acupuncture, Botox, and cosmetic filler implants to be surgical procedures.

Most Surgical Artistry patients are not from Modesto.  It’s an honor to have patient traffic come to Modesto.  After visiting our office, many of our recurring patients tell us that they like coming here to shop because of the relatively lower tax rate – especially the patients from San Francisco.

Dr. Lee was born in New York City and had the honor of being accepted to all the Ivy League Schools and Stanford.  He decided to enroll at Brown University where he met his wife in 1989.  They were both part of a eight-year program which combined undergraduate with medical school.  After that he went to Case Western Reserve and Southern Illinois University for Surgery training for the next 6 years.

He is also a violinist.  He was soloist and concertmaster of orchestras at Brown and Harvard Universities and various orchestras in New York.  He has played at Carnegie Hall twice on the violin.  In 2009, YouTube in conjunction with the San Francisco Symphony had a contest and he one of two non-professional violinists who won a spot in the YouTube Symphony. This resulted in world wide media attention. He also toured as a violin soloist throughout parts of Asia. He thought about becoming a professional violinist, but in college, he developed a hearing problem; thus he decided that it was a sign that he needed to dive in wholeheartedly into medicine. He is teaching himself piano these days.  Recently he participated in a piano competition in Beverly Hills which involved competing with piano teachers, and he won and performed a Beethoven Concerto with orchestra in Los Angeles. He loves his Los Angeles audience and plans to perform in Los Angeles again next year. He has a violin recital lined up in Modesto in September with music professors at Modesto Junior College.

For fun he enjoys making websites, blogging, spending time on FaceBook, marketing, eating vegan, and running.





Chronology about Dr. Calvin Lee, Botox Surgeon

I hope we make good choices – maybe somewhat strange?. I wrote this as part of the “about us” on a Botox web page:


In 1989, Dr. Calvin Lee was accepted to Harvard and Stanford Universities, but he decided to go to Brown University. Dr. Calvin Lee and Dr. Tammy Wu are graduates of Brown University Medical School in 1997. Dr. Tammy Wu graduated top of her medical school class.  They experienced expert surgery residency training at Case Western Reserve and Southern Illinois Universities.

In 2002, Dr. Calvin Lee was offered surgical jobs in San Diego and Los Angeles, but he decided to go to Modesto.  There, he worked as a General / Trauma Surgeon with the McHenry Medical Group (now called First Choice Physicians). Dr. Tammy Wu was offered a position in an international MicroSurgery fellowship, but decided to join Dr. Calvin Lee in Modesto, accepting a Plastic Surgery position with Sutter Gould. Together, they formed Surgical Artistry in 2006.

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About Me, About My Botox practice

I thought I needed to try to write something recent about myself at Surgical Artistry.  This is what I came up with:


Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Belotero injections – my goal is to provide cosmetic injections at the highest level. I value quality surgical level outcomes, patient safety, comfort & communication.

My Modesto Botox Page

I am a Board Certified General Surgeon with a past trauma career who assists in plastic surgeries and spinal cord stimulator / spinal pain pump surgeries.  I am also an Acupuncturist who injects Botox as an extension of Acupuncture.  Many of my Botox point selections are related Acupuncture points for migraine headaches and wrinkle prevention.  40% of my clinical time is spent at work is spent on Acupuncture, and 50% of my time is spent with cosmetic injections for Botox, Fillers, and Veins, and 10% of my time is spent assisting in surgeries.   In a clinic day, it is common for me to use 200 units of Botox, 4 syringes of dermal fillers, and see about 6 acupuncture patients.

Outside of my clinical time, I also spend a great deal of time as an administrator of Surgical Artistry – the combined medical office for myself and my wife, Dr. Tammy Wu, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  We have been surgeons in Modesto since 2003.  My wife and I met while we were students at Brown University.

I am an author for MedicalSpaMD a resource for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic physicians.  I’m also a member of the marketing department of the Cooperative of American Physicians based in Los Angeles.  My hobbies include piano, violin, marathon running, being vegan, creating websites and social media.

How to check if a Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified

Wonder if your Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery?

There are several ways to check besides calling the plastic surgeon’s office or checking his or her website.  Plus it gets somewhat confusing because there are several different medical boards.  One could call these different medical boards and get info, and these medical boards have websites.  The easiest way in my opinion is to go directly to the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s website and type in identifying information about the plastic surgeon in question and you should get an answer about Board Certification in Plastic Surgery:

Click this link to check for Plastic Surgery Board Certification

Dr. Tzuying Tammy Wu, MD in Modesto, California is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Her Plastic Surgery Board Certification results can be seen here on our Modesto web page.

What is Board Certification?

  • Read about Board Certification in detail here.
  • Board Certification is a voluntary process, and one that is very different from medical licensure. Obtaining a medical license sets the minimum competency requirements to diagnose and treat patients, it is not specialty specific. Board Certification demonstrates a physician’s exceptional expertise in a particular specialty and/or subspecialty of medical practice.

Is Dr. Tammy Wu Board Certified in Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Dr. T. Tammy Wu is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

Modesto Surgeons at work
Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee operating together in Modesto, California.


Modesto Plastic Surgery Dr. Tammy Wu is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery.  She was initially certified in plastic surgery in 2005 and has since been recertified – with her certification good till the end of 2025.  The recertification process occurs every 10 years.  This info is current as of the writing of this web page on 1/29/15.

Dr. Tzuying Tammy Wu is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery
Dr. Tzuying Tammy Wu is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

How to look this Board Certification information up on the internet regarding Plastic Surgery?

At our Modesto Plastic Surgery office: Surgical Artistry, we have received this question on the phone a few times.  We were initially surprised that patients would be confused on the internet.  The we realized that they were not searching for Dr. T. Tammy Wu via her first name which is “Tzuying.”  “Tammy” is her middle name.  Thus when entering the search, use Dr. Tzuying Wu.  Then you’ll find the results you are looking for.

Website to check for Plastic Surgery Board Certification


About Dr. Calvin Lee

As an aside, Dr. Calvin Lee, her husband, is board certified in surgery.

Website to check for General Surgery Board Certification

Dr. Calvin Lee is board certified in Surgery.
Dr. Calvin Lee is board certified in Surgery.


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