Kybella Shortage

Hello! It’s been a while since I wrote anything in this Botox blog of sorts. Kybella is made by the Botox company (Allergan), and I was recently told that there is going to be a shortage of Kybella. The kybella factories (used to make Kybella) have been converted to making coronavirus drugs – such as Covid-19 vaccines. The Allergan company is not taking orders at this time for Kybella nor do they know when we can take orders.

I love Kybella as a product to treat double chins, and I have about enough for a few more days of Kybella injecting into double chins. I believe I have about 6 vials left as of this writing. Hang in there. Even if you got one session, you can wait a few months or even years before your next session of Kybella because the results are considered to be permanent – a permanent reduction of fat cells.

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