Switching over to Alle

Attention Surgical Artistry Brilliant Distinctions members,

This is Alysha from Surgical Artistry. As some of you may already know Brilliant Distinctions rewards (for Botox, Juvederm, Kybella, Latisse, etc) is switching over to Allē. This switch will be happening on Wednesday September 30th , 2020. There are a few short steps you will need to take in order to merge your Brilliant Distinctions account over to Allē. You will first need to know your Brilliant Distinctions login information (Email or phone number and password). If you do not know your login information you can reset your password at www.brilliantdistinctionsprogram.com or by calling Brilliant Distinctions Customer Support (888) 324-2745 (8 AM-6 PM CT, M-F). Once you know your login information you will go to www.alle.com. Here you will merge your Brilliant Distinctions account by clicking on Join with Brilliant Distinctions. You will now enter in your login information. Once you are logged in, you will need to follow the steps on your screen to merge your account to Allē. Please be sure you follow all instructions until the process says you are complete. If you are having issues merging your account, please call our office at 209-551-1888 and our staff can send an Allē invite link to your Mobile device. We hope you will enjoy the new Allē Rewards Program and we thank you for your patience through this change. 

Best regards,

Surgical Artistry Staff

Brilliant Distinctions has been growing – 2019 stats:

In 2019, Brilliant Distinctions grew an additional 6 million members. It is in 25,000 doctor’s offices. There are 60,000 new consumers each month. I had previously estimated that there are 40,000 Allergan accounts in the USA – but that was my own personal estimate based on some statistics I’ve seen a few years ago and my own calculations. I wrote a bit about this estimate in my post about being a Top 250 Allergan Account in the USA.