Botox Injector chooses a Vegan Diet

I’m the Botox injector and here’s some of my own personal ramblings that helped me in my journey of being a Vegan.

Advice given to me and below is my own thoughts about it:



Variety of food comes from a variety of places…all things are innately (or naturally) from the heavens and so is the health of one’s being…use heart (compassion) to consume (or take) from nature, and why ask where it comes from?…one should try to fulfill one’s aspiration and that happiness is what truly matters…life, like the moon, is seldom perfect, so whole heartedly try your best and not be worried about what other’s think. To understand and reach for enlightenment from within…what can be seen is beautiful (seize the day), so treasure one’s blessings

I am a selfish and wasteful person for much of my life. I still am. But I am trying to improve.  I tend to be very verbose. But also feel free to ignore my ramblings.

I agree that I have many blessings and I strive for personal enlightenment every day. One of the biggest blessings I have is to be connected with all of you. 

I agree with you that happiness is important. It has been a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time – how do I attain happiness? Is it merely satisfaction with the absence of negativity? Or is it something more like the journey toward a worthwhile goal? I think it’s a question I will continue to ask of myself, and meanwhile, I will attempt to enjoy the journey toward the answer of this question regarding happiness.

For now, I’ve decided for myself, that I would enjoy saving energy – especially since I’ve been so wasteful. By saving energy, there would be more for others to share and more saved for the future to use. I think our bodies are mainly energy – which means that our lives are mainly energy. 

In 2010, our house was burglarized and much of our belongings were stolen. This helped me view life somewhat differently. I realized that I didn’t need much of the things I owned for happiness. Subsequently, I decided to look for happiness in other things rather than material objects. 

In 2011, I decided to invest in solar panels for my house and become vegan. Both were related decisions. Both involve efficiently harnessing the sun’s energy. By eating Vegan (which is vegetarian with no eggs, no milk, no honey), I am saving solar energy. I agree, food comes from a variety of sources. But plant based foods are made with a lot less solar energy than flesh based foods. A pound of flesh takes 100 to 1000 times more solar energy to feed than a pound of vegetables. In other words, the animal that I eat, had to eat a lot of vegetables before I got to eat the animal; It might be 100 pounds of vegetables before I got to eat the 1 pound of meat. Plus, I cut out the energy needed to protect, shelter, and give antibiotics to the animal, and I hopefully reduce the negative karmic energy produced from suffering when the animal is slaughtered or when it’s food source (ie. honey) is taken away. 

I love being vegan and what it represents for me. It is my source of satisfaction and happiness. It is my way of reducing waste and saving resources for our future. I feel that it is my duty to preserve the future. I feel that eating meat is definitely acceptable. But I am too lazy to be worthy of such high energy consumption. If I were a much more efficient person and I didn’t spend so much time on FaceBook, or if my pet was my only source of food – then eating meat would be the right thing for me. But I am not efficient and I love sitting on my butt in front of FaceBook (and I won’t even mention my pet – which I don’t have one, but if I did…) – thus I feel that I am not worthy of such a high energy food such as meat. 

My thought process into this for the past few years is evolving and perhaps even faulty. I have been Vegan for over 3 years. I used solar energy in my discussion because it seems to simplify the discussion in my mind, anyway.  I appreciate all suggestions and help as I journey through this life. I will definitely cherish all the guidance and think about all the thoughts generously given to me. In the end, I know it’s my life to live, and my decisions plant the seeds for the future. Nourishment does come from a variety of sources. Thank you for feeding me with wisdom.