Plandemic – my thoughts

Just my off the top of my head stream of consciousness thoughts, but I did attempt to look up a few journal articles.

Have you seen that video where they interview a woman and she talks about how masks don’t work, and that the pandemic was planned, and that Dr. Fauci is pure evil, and that the labs in the US and Wuhan use the same cell line, and be wary of vaccines? Yeah… that video… Well, I’ve been reading a tiny bit into the background of Judy Mikovits’ professional highlight and downfall This is one of several articles that disprove something that she claims and they were gentle is saying that there was some sort of contaminant in her results: I’m trying to figure out who the real fraudster is in this new popular video that many people have sent me. I was trying to figure out how Judy Mikovits was in trouble to begin with. She’s in the video going around called “plandemic” and this article is “proof” that she did some shady things in her own research that led to her trying to cover it up, getting fired, stealing charts, and getting jailed. I’m sure we did our own digging, but this article was the biggest piece to the puzzle I was trying to put together.

Disclaimer: I’ve done a few years of immunulogy lab research (working as a student) in 3 different labs, and I’m not a virologist or immunologist, and don’t do this for a living. I really don’t think I know much, but I’m a human being and wanted to do some digging of my own to learn more. Use any information I have written at your own risk.

Here’s what I found out. In 2009, Judy Mikovits came up with ground breaking research for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, saying that there was a hidden virus sequence in their cells. But she falsified the info probably by injecting that sequence into the lab samples. Other scientists have called her out on this, and she had subsequently changed her landmark article with a partial retraction. All of this led to her getting fired, and it seems that she stole some of the evidence, and then this led to her getting jailed. She was trying to fabricate results.I personally had a lot of issues with the science and views of the video. I’m not here to get into any fights, I just wanted to find out more about the person being interviewed, and whether I could believe the integrity of what she was saying, and especially when she was criticizing the integrity of other doctors and scientists.