Piano Beauty / Botox Beauty

My dual life at this point

I’ve worked on this Beethoven concerto now for 2.4 weeks. I’m working hard to show respect for the piano teacher who fired me from piano lessons as a child. After that, I quit piano lessons but restarted as an adult, mainly teaching myself piano, after I became a full fledged surgeon – with guidance from special friends who can be considered my teachers – including many of you on FaceBook – thank you. I have a hearing distortion in one ear which makes all that much more interesting. In may ways, my being fired from piano less and my hearing problem have led me to be the person I am today – thus I should be thankful for both of those things too. I appreciate all the encouragement too. Special thanks to everyone around me, especially Tammy, for letting me practice over 9 hours of piano today. Big thanks to Modesto’s Piano Professor, Dr. Yan Yan Chan for guiding me and providing orchestral accompaniment on a second piano Saturday AND Sunday. She wanted to help me even more, this work week, but I don’t get home till after 7pm from work so this won’t work. Now it’s time for me to focus on my other art which involves facial beauty with Botox / Fillers / Kybella and the internal healing arts of Acupuncture. I will have one more weekend to work on the piano and then the weekend after that is hopefully time to show off in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles at the Piano Competition for Teaches and Amateurs. I am hoping that soon, I will be able to work on the beauty of the notes and music – that is my absolute favorite part – it will be in some ways, like playing the violin for me – when it comes to creating a beautiful tone and line.