Best wishes to my Breast Cancer Patients

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!

My best wishes to all my breast cancer patients – all of them since I entered medical school at Brown University in 1993 (that’s when I was in my early 20’s). It was around that time I had started a breast cancer support group online and it was a great group and a great adventure. It has been a privilege to take care of all of you and to get to know you. About 12 years ago, Dr. Tammy Wu and I joined forces to regularly operate together on breast cancer. I recently reconnected¬†with a few of my patients locally in Modesto – thank you. As a general surgeon, I would discuss options with my patient and I would surgically remove the breast cancer with Dr. Tammy Wu’s help, and then we would do the plastic surgical reconstruction – sometimes as a staged procedure and sometimes concurrently. I no longer take medical insurance and thus since around 2013, I stopped doing general surgeries. I mainly work as a minimal invasive cosmetic surgeon and I assist in the operating room on plastic surgeries and spinal implants of spinal pain pumps/stimulators . But I still think about my past. October is breast cancer awareness month.¬†

Above picture is that of Dr. Calvin Lee and Dr. Tammy Wu operating together in Modesto, California.