2015 BOTOX Year in Review Statistics

2015 Botox Stats

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I had a previous posting regarding December Botox statistics for 2015.  I had probably made some assumptions.  But now that December 2015 is officially over, the numbers are more solid.

52,593 Units of Botox

For the year of 2015 I used 52, 593 Units of Botox.  That’s 4,382 units of Botox monthly if we divide that number by 12.  Or another way to think of it is that it’s about 43 Bottles of Botox per month (40 Bottles is a more rounded number).

694 syringes of Filler used in 2015

Fillers in my recording includes Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse and Restylane.  If I divied 694 by 12 months.  I get 57.8 syringes of filler per month.  I guess I could say that I average about 55 syringes of filler per month.  I did hit 100 syringes of fillers used in the month of December – it was a busy month, and I purposely tried to work as much as I could in the month of December since patients had some time off to get cosmetic work done.

1371 Botox visits to my Modesto office in 2015

These visits are for Botox and doesn’t take into account visits for filler only.  I get this data from Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions.  This calculates to an average of 114 visits per month.  And for fun, if I had about 20 days in the office per month, it would be about 5.7 patients seen per day in the Modesto office.  Sounds pretty low of a number?  Well, I also have a vein, acupuncture, and surgery assisting practice which I run at the same time.

See Botox Statistics from 2014 – there is a breakdown of my day – looking at the amount of time I spend with Acupuncture vs Botox vs Veins.


745 Patients seen for Botox AND Juvederm for 2015

This number (745) includes all Botox and Juvederm patients seen in 2015.  Tricky thing here is that it is only Juvederm and not other filler brands.  I got this data from Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions.  I guess there’s fault in my numbers, but it’s still fun to follow – especially if there’s a nice positive trend.

I think it would be nice to know which percentage of these patients were new and which were recurring.  I wonder if I can set up Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Analytics program to figure that out for me.

51 places to get BOTOX injections in Modesto and surrounding cities

This list grows.  I get the info for this list from my patients who tell me about other Modesto Botox locations.  I have not visited these Botox sites personally.

Comparing to other years – Visits to patient ratio.

This isn’t a perfect ratio, because the visits are BOTOX only visits, and the # of patients is patients who have come to me for Botox and Fillers (Juvederm) – which means that there are some Filler patients who aren’t Botox patients.  But regardless the ratio is fun to look at.

  • In 2015 I had 1371 Botox visits from 745 patients for fillers/Botox.
  • In 2014 I had 1013 Botox visits from 546 patients for filler/Botox.
  • In 2013 I had 724 Botox visits from 396 patients for filler/Botox.

All these years, the ratio comes out to:

  • 2015 – 1.84
  • 2014 – 1.86
  • 2013 – 1.83

These ratios can be seen as how many times a patient comes to the office.  Sort of a measure of retention or rebooking.


The graphic on top of the page sums it up the best.

Please consider visiting my Botox practice in Modesto, CA.  We also carry Latisse 5ML and 3ML.

Plumped up Cheeks with Botox or Filler?

Another Botox question in a public forum:

Fluffy cheeks with botox or filler?

Hello i am 37 years of age. I want my cheeks become fluffly as i was used to look in young age. Which treatment would b better botox or filler ? And how much is cost? Thanks.

My Botox Answer:

I get this type of question of Botox or Fillers every single day – so it’s a great question.


​Last month I had the honor of treating 127 patients with Botox, and 31 patients with a dermal filler.  I think 1/4 of these patients wondered about the differences between Botox and Fillers.  And in my practice, the usage of Botox is a lot more than the usage of fillers.


​I came up with this explanation for my patients and perhaps it will help others.  First imagine our face as having a landscape.  We have mountains and valleys in our face.  The valleys being the wrinkles which are usually surrounded by mountains on either side.  I have told my patients that Botox weakens muscles and thus it will give the appears of lowering the mountains on our face.  But Fillers, will help to fill up the valleys.  Thus if we want an even surface – a combination approach might be needed: we might have to lower the mountains with Botox (those bulging muscles!) and we might have to raise the level of the valleys/wrinkles with Fillers.


The filling/raising of a structure on the face requires a Filler.  Thus for bigger, fluffier cheeks, we need a filler.


​There are many fillers.  The filler that is very popular in the cheek is Juvederm Voluma.  But I still consider off-label FDA choices of other fillers in the cheeks for my desired appearance or a combination of fillers.  I use Belotero, Juvederm ultra plus XC, Juvederm ultra XC​, and Radiesse in the cheeks.  I also use thinned out versions of Juvederm by purposely diluting the products.  All this is considered off-label FDA, but this helps me get the results I envision along with my patient’s goals.

​My plastic surgeon wife who is in practice with me has certain permanent implants which she can use in surgery.  But that would be a totally different topic which I’ll let her explain.


​What is used for making bigger cheeks Filler or Botox? The answer is Filler.  I try to explain that Botox actually shaves down the appearance of bumps in the face, and filler raises lowered areas on the face.  But if we want to raise a bump (mountain) on the face – that would also be fillers.  Naturally the next question might be which filler would we choose.  I think my go-to filler right now is Voluma for the cheek.

​Thank you for your question. Without having seen you in person, I’m answering the best I can without physical examination info. My comments are meant for a general public discussion to help others who may have similar concerns. I’m also using my answers to build up library of information for my own patients and also to see how my answers compare with other doctors. There is always much for us to learn from each other. My answers are generalized medical information only, not directed medical advice. For medical advice please see your doctor/surgeon in person.

​Calvin Lee, MD
​Botox and Juvederm in Modesto, California

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