Does BOTOX freeze sensation?

Botox freezes the action of muscles but does it freeze feeling?

I got this question in my Modesto Botox practice about three times this past week.  This gave me the spark to write about it a bit in my blog of Botox Topics.

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Botox does not freeze sensation – it does not make you “numb.”

As you can probably tell from many of the questions I’ve received before, that answers are not always that simple.  If I had to summarize/simplify the answer to the question of Botox making you numb – would be “no” – Botox does not make you numb.  Numb in the sense of getting of numbing shot at the dentist, etc.   However, it is believed that Botox may play a role in diminishing pain sensation – such as those felt in migraines.   Thus Botox most likely doesn’t change your normal sensations, but it may diminish excruciating pain sensations.  As we know from our studies of neuroscience, different sensations such as fine touch, coarse touch, temperature and pain have different pathways in our nervous system.

Botox does not make you numb.

I hope this answers the question.

Please see your doctor in person for a detailed explanation.  There is no medical advice intended here, just a general discussion.

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