What helps surgical dexterity? Piano practice!

I’m always thinking about Surgery, Botox, Kybella, and Acupuncture.  I think that piano practice is a small subset of my surgical world which helps me with everything.

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I just heard about a Concerto piano competition in Los Angeles which requires a video submission as part of the first round.  If I make it past the judging of the video and make it to the next round, I have to play a movement from a piano concerto.  I’ve never played a piano concerto before, but I might be able to figure it out.

But first, I’m not sure which video to send.  Any suggestions on which video is best?

Version #1:  Chopin Harp Etude


Version #2: Chopin Harp Etude


Mr. Bearthoven Version #3:

Mr. Bear and I wrote this piece together along with a strong influence from Chopin.  I played the track first, then added Mr. Bear to the picture.  I kinda made this by accident, but I’m glad it worked out.   On another note, I am pretty sure that Chopin wouldn’t approve.