Update on Month of May 2015 Botox Statistics

Botox Statistics per Month (May 2015)

For the entire month of May 2015:
110 patients seen for Botox this month, 28 Patients seen for Juvederm,
121 patients getting Botox OR Juvederm. 17 patients getting Botox AND Juvederm.

Using my own data, I can derive that 35.4 units of Botox is the average number of units per patient.

I know quality counts for much more than quantity. But it is always tempting to look at the numbers provided by the Botox company. This is what you can derive from their computer analysis about my Botox/Juvederm practice. I am also big on injecting Radiesse and Belotero which don’t show up in these numbers. ¬†I’m not sure if these numbers include Juvederm Voluma. ¬†Sometimes Allergan calls Voluma a separate product.

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Botox in Modesto.

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