Health as Currency

I posted this to the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon training group on FaceBook on 1/2/16.  I thought I might start “running” again and strange thoughts went through my head which I had to put down on paper.

And I had this other thought:

Aging is like an escalator ride down. But why not exercise and turn it into a stair-climber?

I had to write this thought down – just popped into my head.


I was on my treadmill tonight after I got home from our SURGICAL ARITSTRY office (yes, it’s Saturday) and I was thinking of this wonderful training group. I’ve been so busy lately – I’ve lost touch with many of you. My wife (Dr. Tammy Wu) asked me why I work so hard and such long hours. I am not sure of the reason actually. I think part of me just loves to work. But is it also for the love of money? I really don’t think so. I still drive the first car I’ve ever purchased – a lovely white Honda Accord (it’s an older version of Heidi Ryan’s car), not some fancy million dollar car – at least not yet!! (right??). I would much rather spend the money on having the SURGICAL ARTISTRY Modesto Marathon so that we can all enjoy it and benefit from it. That just sounds so much more fulfilling to me than a Ferrari.
While running today, I thought that if health was a currency – it would be so much more valuable than money. And with all of our running – our health is improving! How wonderful! We’re super rich! We’re marathon rich!
Another valuable “currency” I think are relationships (friends!) – and we make wonderful relationships in this group. Well, I hope I haven’t been robbing myself somewhat of health and relationships by spending all those late hours at SURGICAL ARTISTRY – the graphic below shows the things I do at work to help fund my sponsorship for the marathon. Enjoy the upcoming marathon, and enjoy the journey of the training. Oh, and in case you haven’t gotten a SAMM Yard sign – they are strewn all over the parking lot and grass of our office (next to post office on Sylvan). Feel free to grab one out of the lawn or come inside for a new one when we’re open (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm – or call, we could stay a bit later: 209-551-1888). Keep running.

a botox what we do sign IMG_1370