BOTOX retention rate 2015



Our staff was doing some Botox Chart Reviewing, and the Allergan company used those reviews to report that we are better than the national average retention score of 1.8. This means we do a pretty good job of having our patients come back to us for more Botox.

The Botox company does a retention analysis for us from time to time. It’s a measure of how we keep our patients returning to our practice. They have a proprietary method for calculating a score. 4.0 is the best score you can get. I was told before that 1.8 is the average score for all Plastic Surgeons. And we recently scored 3.3. I am very grateful for our returning patients. I guess for now my Botox patients don’t usually leave me and our patients tend to come back! I will continue to try to make it better however I can. Thank you for trusting me with your Botox. It is my passion.