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I (Calvin Lee, MD) have been making charts and graphs regarding COVID-19 and Coronavirus, especially with how it relates to Stanislaus County and Modesto – I will update periodically. – world and state data – Stanislaus county data – Santa Clara County COVID19 Coronavirus stats – LA County data – an interactive website of the UNITED STATES and can be zoomed in to the county level to see COVID-19 cases and deaths. – select which state and then zoom into county level – this one has some historic data stored as well. 
This is a link for the California Department of Public Health news releases on COVID – it has archived data on COVID infections for our state, and it also has information regarding how many healthcare workers who have been infected with COVID in California.

Health Care Worker Infection Rates
As of April 18, local health authorities have confirmed 3,523 positive cases of COVID-19 in California health care workers.

Let’s focus on things that can make us happy. I asked our staff to make a list and here’s some of the things that my Surgical Artistry staff wrote. Surgical Artistry Staff listing of what makes them happy. Maybe you’ll find something on this list that will make you happy during this time!

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