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Surgical Artistry receives Allergan TOP 250 Ranking in the USA

Written by Surgical Artistry staff member

Dr. Calvin Lee, MD and his team at Surgical Artistry are proud to receive the prestigious distinction of being a TOP 250 level member with Allergan. We are very thankful to our patients for their continued support and trust. And we are grateful to our Surgical Artistry team for their excellence and dedication. We are thankful to Allergan for producing excellent products which we trust and for giving us this top award.

Top 250 Allergan Account

Allergan is the maker of Botox and Juvederm and periodically recognizes the country’s most skilled and prolific specialists using their products in the world of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. We estimate that there are over 40,000 Allergan accounts in the USA. It’s a huge honor to have a Top 250 ranking. Dr. Lee has been honored to have a Top 500 ranking since the end of 2016 for 3 years. The ranking fluctuates from day to day and Allergan allows for their Top 500-600 accounts to view the “leaderboard” online.

Allergan products

Allergan makes many products and the ones that we use at Surgical Artistry are: Botox, Juvederm, Kybella, and Latisse. Allergan also makes Skinmedica skin care, Natrelle Breast Implants, Coolsculpting, Cooltone and Diamond Glow. These other products are ones that we have not yet expanded into. We currently use products from other companies such as Mentor or Obagi or other surgical techniques such as liposuction. Surgical Artistry has been using Allergan products since 2006. Dr. Tammy Wu was the original injector of Botox, but in 2008, she turned the art and practice of cosmetic injections over to Dr. Calvin Lee. Now it is the bulk of what Dr. Lee does every day at Surgical Artistry.

Surgical Artistry in Modesto, California

Surgical Artistry was founded by Dr. Calvin Lee, and Dr. Tammy Wu in 2006 in Modesto, California. They are a husband and wife team of surgeons. Dr. Calvin Lee is a board certified general surgeon with trauma experience and Dr. Tammy Wu is a board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Calvin Lee also does acupuncture.

Our main goal is constant improvement with personalized patient care, safety, and outcomes.

We have a superstar team dedicated to taking care of you throughout your self care journey.

More about Calvin Lee, MD

Dr. Calvin Lee started injecting Botox and Juvederm in April 2008, and has grown to love cosmetic injections. He considers it an extension of his Surgical and Acupuncture practice. He was born in New York City, and was accepted to Harvard, Stanford, and Brown Universities. He graduated from Brown University Medical school and became a General and Trauma Surgeon. Later he also became an acupuncturist. In 2011 he had the privilege to start giving lectures about Latisse for the Allergan Company, and around 2017 he also started doing hands on training for the Allergan Company for injectables such as Botox and Juvederm. Also that year, he was award Top 25 most loved injectors by RealSelf and had a mention in Glamour magazine.

My Botox only lasted 4 months!!! No animals were harmed in producing this picture except for the pizza, Nikki, and Franchesca.

Along with his wife Dr. Tammy Wu (plastic surgeon), they are also founding sponsors of the Modesto Marathon, which is among one of his proudest moments. He now supports with Doctors Medical Center, Ripons Run which has a half marathon and is in May. He practices a Vegan diet and has run 8 marathons. He also is a professional level violinist.

(209) 551-1888 is our telephone number.
We are located at 4754 Dale Road, Modesto, CA

Free Botox and Juvederm Consultations

For 2020, Botox and Juvederm Consultations with Dr. Calvin Lee are free. At the consultation, the purpose is mainly information, and there should be no pressure to purchase anything. Patients get a chance to learn more about what we do and if we are the right fit for a future journey together. We can also discuss customized goals and plans. Our telephone number is 209-551-1888. We are located at 4754 Dale Road, Modesto, CA 95356 – across the street from Kaiser Hospital on Dale Road. We hope to see you at our office!

Calvin Lee, MD Modesto Botox Surgeon Stats as a Botox Injector

Calvin Lee
Calvin Lee


2013 Background in general for Calvin Lee, MD

written by Calvin Lee, MD

  • I have a degree from Brown University in Neurosciences.
  • I have a medical degree from Brown University.
  • I am a Board Certified General Surgeon
  • I am an acupuncturist
  • I am a violinist
  • I also play the piano to help develop my dexterity and artistry
  • My main focus now is minimally invasive type procedures done with needles such as Vein Sclerotherapy, Acupuncture, Botox and Dermal Fillers in our office in Modesto – Surgical Artistry.

5 year patients choice

2013 Botox / Allergan Background for Calvin Lee, MD

  • I founded Surgical Artistry with my wife in 2006.
  • I have participated in cosmetic surgeries by assisting my wife (Dr. Tammy Wu) in plastic surgeries since 2006.  I mainly assist with almost all tummy tucks and face lifts which are done by Dr. Tammy Wu, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Modesto.
  • Dr. Tammy Wu gave me my initial certification to inject Botox, via instruction, guidance, and critique.  The certification was approved by California’s Cooperative of American Physicians.  I have since developed my own style of injections.  This was not required for me.  But something I wanted to do.
  • I started officially injecting Botox in the year 2008 with approval from the Cooperative of American Physicians.  I had to submit my trial cases of Botox and get a letter of recommendation.
  • Eventually, I became a speaker for the Allergan company (makers of Latisse, Botox, and Juvederm)
  • I have participated actively in learning all I can about the rest of the world’s knowledge about Botox at the Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting in 2013.
  • I have also received personal tips from one of the original injectors of Botox and Dermal Fillers, Dr. Steve Yoelin in 2013.  I attended one of his lectures in 2013 and have kept in touch due to his kindness and generosity.

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Summarized 2013 Statistics for Calvin Lee, MD regarding Botox in Modesto, CA

  • I wrote a separate website here with even more details on my Modesto Botox practice statistics for 2013
  • 724 Botox patient visits in 2013.
  • 374 Different patients seen for Botox in 2013.
  • I definitely hope to continue to grow and I am very thankful to those who trust me with their cosmetic Botox injections.
  • For fun, I queried our database for the number of Botox visits I had in 2008 when I first officially started with Botox injections (May – after getting a self imposed formal certification to perform the procedure).  I had 103 Botox patient visits in the year of 2008.  In contrast, 724 patient visits for Botox for 2013 is a nice improvement.

Calvin Lee, MD (209) 551-1888
Calvin Lee, MD
(209) 551-1888

Modesto Botox 2013 in review

Some Fun Statistics about my Modesto Botox Practice

by Calvin Lee, MD

I love to share information, and I wanted to be transparent about my Botox experience.  I’ve been injecting Botox since around 2006.  We started having more detailed tracking available to us starting in 2010 by having patients enroll in Brilliant Distinctions.

How the Botox statistics were obtained

The Botox statistics were obtained from Brilliant Distinctions Analytics.  This is a free service included with our participation in Allergan‘s Brilliant Distinctions program which is a “frequent flyer rewards” type program.  It is a free program for our patients to enroll.  I’ve been keeping simple statistics of my Modesto Botox practice before by looking at total number of patients enrolled and looking at the total amount of coupons redeemed.  Most of our Botox patients are enrolled in the Brilliant Distinctions patients.  As are our Juvederm and Latisse patients.  We do not currently have SkinMedica which is part of the Allergan family.  But feel free to call us to see if we have encorporated SkinMedica into our collection of skin care products.  (209) 551-1888.

Possible faults of the data collection

  • Not all of our patients are enrolled in the Brilliant Distinctions program.
  • More and more existing patients enrolled in Brilliant Distinctions as the program became more familiar to us.  This means that any increases in the number of patients “seen” for Botox, may actually be lower than the reported number because the numbers we have reflect Botox patient enrollment into Brilliant Distinctions, not necessarily patients who have received Botox.  Thus we are using Brilliant Distinctions registered visits as a surrogate for actual Botox visits.  But i think the estimate is pretty close because we try to enroll all Botox patients into Brilliant Distinctions.

Here are the Botox Related Statistics of my Modesto based Practice which I have with my wife Dr. Tammy Wu, Plastic Surgeon

  • 724 separate patient visits over the year for 2013.  This represents a 43% increase over 2012 where I had 505 separate patient visits.  In 2011 we had 270 patients registered.  But I think this number might be “artificially” lower because many of our patients at the time weren’t signed up for Brilliant Distinctions.  How is this calculated?  I went through the Analytics part of Brilliant Distinctions and had the computer program extract out the patient data one month at a time.
  • Averaging 60.3 Botox Visits per month.  60.3 Botox visits per month is the average number of visits per month for 2013.
  • 374 unique patients seen for Botox Cosmetic injections who are registered in Brilliant Distinctions in 2013.  In 2012 we had 278 unique patients seen for Botox injections.  In 2011 we had 180 Botox different patients.  Unique, or different, patients means that these patients were counted only once even if they came to the office several times over the year.
  • I couldn’t seem to find too many monthly trends with our Botox Visits.  But from what I can see over three years of data, it seems that there is a consistent increase in patients in March and November.  I’m not sure about these seasonal changes, but this may be specific to our town of Modesto, CA.
  • We grew to have about 245 new Brilliant Distinctions Signups in the last year.  This also includes Juvederm-only and Latisse-only-patients.  This averages about .67 new Botox/Juvederm/Latisse patients per day (365 days per year).
  • We reached 702 unique patients on Brilliant distinctions.  This growth in the number of unique patients is very steady – it doesn’t seem to be increasing exponentially, just a direct increase which is steady.

Financial analysis and comparison with the other components of my medical and surgical practice.

I have many medical colleagues and students who ask is a profession of doing Botox worth it?  They mainly ask from a standpoint of does Botox make money?

Without going into gory details.  I can say that  the other parts of my medical practice was more profitable than the Botox part of the practice.

As with any other medical practice there’s the personal satisfaction aspect.  For me is very satisfying to be injecting Botox.  I enjoy the process and having wonderful patients who value appearance and beauty.  And most of all, I enjoy working with my wife who is a plastic surgeon.  I have been working with her since we moved to Modesto in 2003.  However, it became an every-day work experience together since 2006 after we founded Surgical Artistry in Modesto, CA.

Another financial rewards related Botox question:  How much overhead does one have when injecting?  I guess one way to answer this question would be to look at my Botox and Dermal Filler practice in a vacuum.  Botox and Fillers (ie. Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Belotero Balance, etc) are expensive for the practice to buy.  These are the most expensive products I have ever had for my surgical practice.  Expensive in terms of price for size of product.  In my estimation, I think a Cosmetic Injectible practice’s overhead with lasers (I have one laser) would be about 75%.  Meaning there’s a 25% profit margin.  This is without a surgical practice, vein practice or acupuncture practice.   I don’t use our laser all that much, and this figure of a 25% profit margin on a Botox/Filler/Laser non-invasive cosmetic practice is for my practice.  I’m sure it would vary.  I’m factoring in the cost of the products and the overhead costs of the office – staffing, malpractice insurance, rent, utilities, supplies (syringes, etc).  And this figure would be before tax – which will of course, take out another chunk!  I hope this information helps.  I’m thinking that most of the people reading up to this point are Botox injectors of sorts or interested in becoming one.

Graphical Representations of Botox Data

Modesto Botox Monthly Statistics
Number of Unique Botox Visits to my Modesto Botox Practice broken down by Month

Botox patients per month with actual numbers
The graph shows the Botox Patient Visits for the past consecutive 35 months. It is missing December 2013’s data. But for 35 months before December, it is shown above.

Conclusions and predictions.

Botox is growing at our practice in Modesto.  There is definitely room for even more growth for my practice.   724 separate Botox visits is certainly a good “start.”  I think my practice could handle twice that.  I guess we shall see what 2014 holds – this is hard for me to predict.  I think our growth will slow percentage-wise for 2014, I think it will be lower than  the 43% growth we achieved this year.  I think I would be happy with a 15% growth in the amount of Botox appointments.  A 15% growth for next year will reveal 833 patients.  So perhaps that’s my prediction for 2014.

We currently have 702 different patients signed up for Brilliant distinctions.  If I were to be ambitious, I would hope to break 1000 new patients in our Modesto Practice’s Brilliant Distinctions program.  But a conservative estimate based on calculations over the past 3 years would be 947 members signed up.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Please visit our main Modesto Botox home page

Update: Please see a new Blog entry:  Botox Charting of 2011-November 2014: BOTOX patients per month

Juvederm before and after picture for cheeks

Juvederm and Belotero Before and After
Juvederm ultra plus xc and Belotero injected via Cannula Technique by Dr. Calvin Lee

This is not done with Juvederm Voluma.  As of November 2013, I do not have experience with Juvederm Voluma.  Juvederm Voluma, however, is on it’s way to the office in Modesto, CA and I will soon have experience with this new dermal filler.  [update: I’ve used my first syringe of Juvederm Voluma on 12/24/13.  It was a very satisfying and positive experience.   I look forward to having even more experience with Juvederm Voluma.  I was able to use my 27g 1.5 inch cannula for Juvederm Voluma injections].

To improve my cosmetic dermal filler craft, I’m analyzing my past week. 95% of this result was performed with CANNULAS as an instrument of liquid implant delivery and a whole bunch of other secrets. There’s more that I would like to do with fillers for her, but my instructions were only to work on under eyes (tear troughs) and cheeks.

Background info:

Patient had lost a good deal of weight and it is showing in her face.  Options include face lift.  However, she chose to use Juvederm, Belotero, and Botox.  In the before picture she had Botox and Juvederm expertly done at another plastic surgery practice in our town of Modesto, CA.  I added upon that work to get the 13 day “after” picture using only Belotero and Juvederm.

Info about Brilliant Distinctions in our Modesto Cosmetic Injections practice.

Picture used with permission.  Thank you very much for letting me share this experience.  This is an off Label, FDA usage of Juvederm ultra plus XC for cheek fillers.

Brilliant Distinctions Growth Rate for our Modesto Botox – Juvederm – Latisse Practice

Brilliant Distinctions is a way for patients to get discounts on Allegan Products.  The program is run by Allergan, not by our office.  But we accept Brilliant Distinctions coupons – even if you are new to Modesto, and have received Brilliant Distinctions coupons and points from other Botox/Juvederm practices in a different state.  BD = “Brilliant Distinctions”, but also means “Botox Discounts!”

I’m normally not fond of discounts, but Brilliant Distinctions fills in this gap for me and offers discounts to patients who usually like discounts.  I’m fond of consistency – which is what I want in my results – excellent consistent results, and thus I like the rest of my practice, which includes pricing, to remain consistent.

$51,000 paid to Surgical Artistry patients who are members

As of 8/13/13, $51,720 was paid to Surgical Artistry patients since we started participating in the Brilliant Distinctions program.  Details of our Modesto Brilliant Distinctions statistics.

Over 600 Brilliant Distinctions Members

As of 8/13/13 we have 633 BD members.  This represents a special occasion because it is the doubling of the original number when I first started paying attention to our BD statistics on 5/20/12.

I wrote this email to our staff congratulating them for sharing the Botox/Juvederm/Latisse coupons

We have been growing at a wonderful rate.  I need to also thank our wonderful patients for supporting us – thank you!!

Office (cc: Alyssa / Chris),
I’m cc’ing Alyssa and Chris from Allergan because they are part of our team.
Congratulations!  We grew the our Surgical Artistry / Brilliant Distinctions membership by one of the highest rates in our history.  Although it isn’t that much higher than our average growth, it is still one of the highest rates we’ve ever had.
  • This month we grew our patient base at a rate of 1.1 patients per day (based on ~30 days per month).
  • Last month we grew our patient base at a rate of 1.4 patients per day.
  • The months before that ranged from 0.53 to 1.28 patients per day.
1.1 patients per day is wonderful.  If I look back in time, we have been steadily averaging 0.6-0.7 patients per day and the last two months, we beat our own averages.  I think this is great.  Attached is an Excel spreadsheet graph (you know how I like these), which shows that today, we doubled our membership from May 22, 2012 – the day I tracking our usage of Brilliant Distinctions.  Thank you all for a record 2 months.  I’m looking forward to continued excellence for our Botox & Juvederm patients.
Good work team!
– Calvin Lee
doubled brilliant distinctions botox modesto
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