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Botox and Microdermabrasion

My thoughts:

Can Botox and Microdermabrasion be done together?

Yes, I have performed both Botox and Microderm at the same office visit to our Modesto Botox Practice: Surgical Artistry.  Many patients feel that it would save them time.  Thus they wouldn’t have to visit the office twice.  Get things done.

Which should be done first: Botox or Microderm?

I personally have a preference to do the patient’s Microdermabrasion first at our Modesto Botox Practice.  Why?  I worry a bit about moving the Botox around if it were done first.  Microderm has a suction and involves a rubbing action on the skin.  This might theoretically manipulate the placement of Botox.  I would be especially worried about this in the Glabella region, where a drifting of the Botox could cause a eyelid droop.  Thus in my opinion, it is better to do the Microdermabrasion first, followed by Botox second.

What downsides are there to doing Botox and Microderm together?

Assuming that we did the Microdermabrasion first, the Botox injections sometimes is slightly more sensitive.  But we use very small Botox needles and most patients report a negligible difference in pain sensation.  But I’ve heard this issue brought up by a few patients who thought the Botox injections became slightly more uncomfortable.  But almost all of them said they would do it this way again.  Visit this link for more information about the minimal discomfort with Botox:  Does Botox hurt?

What are the benefits of doing Botox and Microderm together?

  • saves time without having to visit our Modesto Plastic Surgery office twice.
  • Microderm is another modality that helps us look younger and is relatively non-invasive.
  • Please visit our Modesto Botox office in person for more information.
  • If you can’t visit us in person, or that you don’t live in the Modesto area, please visit your own doctor for more information.
  • There is no medical advice here, just a discussion about Microdermabrasion, Botox, Modesto, and the sequence of Microdermabrasion and Botox.