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Yearly Botox growth 2014

Yearly Botox growth measured by the number of people who have had Botox or Juvederm at least once per year at our Modesto Botox Office: Surgical Artistry. 2014 data.

Basically, this is the growth of different patients seen per year at my Botox Practice in Modesto. It doesn’t matter if the patient comes to the office one time for that year for Botox or 100 times.  Well, I’ve never really had a patient come to our Modesto office 100 times for Botox.

The numbers come out of a computer program provided by the Allergan company (makers of Botox and Juvederm). The computer program is the analytics part of the Brilliant Distinctions program (BD Analytics).  I’m proud of the growth, and very thankful. Half of my time is reserved for Acupuncture and the other half is for cosmetic injectables.

2014 yearly botox growth data without numbers

I intentionally left the numbers off the Botox and Juvederm growth chart because I thought they were somewhat distraction.  Above is a screen capture of a chart created in Excel.

Notes about the Botox and Juvederm Data:

  • The data does not go back to 2006, when Surgical Artistry was formed.
  • The cutoff date between the years is December 15.
  • A different cutoff date was used in a prior analysis where mid August was the cutoff between the years.  That (August to August) shows a greater increase in numbers when looking at the percentage increases for the years 2012 and 2013.  The older charts and Botox/Juvederm data is here:  Botox and Juvederm Growth 2013.
  • Botox growth percentages.  2012: 53.0%, 2013: 35.0%, 2014: 31.6%
  • Juvederm growth percentages.  2012: 36.5%, 2013: 44.2%, 2014: 46.8%

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Brilliant Distinctions Growth Rate for our Modesto Botox – Juvederm – Latisse Practice

Brilliant Distinctions is a way for patients to get discounts on Allegan Products.  The program is run by Allergan, not by our office.  But we accept Brilliant Distinctions coupons – even if you are new to Modesto, and have received Brilliant Distinctions coupons and points from other Botox/Juvederm practices in a different state.  BD = “Brilliant Distinctions”, but also means “Botox Discounts!”

I’m normally not fond of discounts, but Brilliant Distinctions fills in this gap for me and offers discounts to patients who usually like discounts.  I’m fond of consistency – which is what I want in my results – excellent consistent results, and thus I like the rest of my practice, which includes pricing, to remain consistent.

$51,000 paid to Surgical Artistry patients who are members

As of 8/13/13, $51,720 was paid to Surgical Artistry patients since we started participating in the Brilliant Distinctions program.  Details of our Modesto Brilliant Distinctions statistics.

Over 600 Brilliant Distinctions Members

As of 8/13/13 we have 633 BD members.  This represents a special occasion because it is the doubling of the original number when I first started paying attention to our BD statistics on 5/20/12.

I wrote this email to our staff congratulating them for sharing the Botox/Juvederm/Latisse coupons

We have been growing at a wonderful rate.  I need to also thank our wonderful patients for supporting us – thank you!!

Office (cc: Alyssa / Chris),
I’m cc’ing Alyssa and Chris from Allergan because they are part of our team.
Congratulations!  We grew the our Surgical Artistry / Brilliant Distinctions membership by one of the highest rates in our history.  Although it isn’t that much higher than our average growth, it is still one of the highest rates we’ve ever had.
  • This month we grew our patient base at a rate of 1.1 patients per day (based on ~30 days per month).
  • Last month we grew our patient base at a rate of 1.4 patients per day.
  • The months before that ranged from 0.53 to 1.28 patients per day.
1.1 patients per day is wonderful.  If I look back in time, we have been steadily averaging 0.6-0.7 patients per day and the last two months, we beat our own averages.  I think this is great.  Attached is an Excel spreadsheet graph (you know how I like these), which shows that today, we doubled our membership from May 22, 2012 – the day I tracking our usage of Brilliant Distinctions.  Thank you all for a record 2 months.  I’m looking forward to continued excellence for our Botox & Juvederm patients.
Good work team!
– Calvin Lee
doubled brilliant distinctions botox modesto
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