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2020 updated where to get Botox in Modesto – Surgical Artistry, Calvin Lee, MD

We moved to 4754 Dale Road in March 2019, closer to highway 99. This is a map I got from Find a Specialist using zip code 95356 from Allergan’s Botox Cosmetic website.
This website I started back in 2014 started out as 34 different places, now (2020) its over 70 different listings and growing. Below is the updated 2020 Botox location listings in the Modesto, CA area.

I tried to update this list periodically, it is not particularly organized, I just find out from my Botox patients and I just add to the list. I don’t really wander out of my own Surgical Artistry office that much so I haven’t been able to fully verify this list. It is based on conversations I’ve had with my patients.

  1. Calvin Lee, MD: Surgical Artistry with Tammy Wu, MD (that’s us!) – Modesto
  2. Tammy Wu, MD Plastic Surgeon Modesto
  3. Lisa Hunt – Modesto – may have moved.
  4. Vance Roget – Modesto
  5. Lorenzo Aguilar – Modesto
  6. John Willsen – Dermatology, Modesto, Turlock, Kaiser
  7. David Ruiz – Dermatology, Modesto, Kaiser.
  8. American Laser Centers – Florida Ave in Modesto (I’m not sure if this is in Modesto or Stockton, I’ve heard both, so I listed it here).
  9. Sashi Sood – Modesto Laser Soft – Hair Removal, Veins
  10. Hillock Family Dental – Donald Hillock, Modesto, CA
  11. Lars Enevoldsen – Plastic Surgeon Modesto, Skinfinite Solutions
  12. Theodore Staahl – Modesto – MD Laser Center
  13. Advanced Laser Clinic of Modesto
  14. Juan Del Valle, Modesto
  15. Catherine Biren, MD – Modesto
  16. Kerry Evnin, MD – Modesto – Above Lasers
  17. Purita Villaneuva, MD – Modesto and Concord, CA
  18. Romeo Medical Clinic – Turlock, Modesto
  19. William Anderson – Turlock
  20. Dan G. Anderson – Modesto
  21. James Payne – Plastic Surgeon Modesto
  22. Grace Kwon-Hong – Skin Renew Laser Medical Ctr – Modesto
  23. Patrick Rhoades – Valley Laser Care – Modesto
  24. Dr. 95350 with Patrick Rhoades, Modesto
  25. Michael Schorr – Patterson, Modesto, Oakdale via visits to other doctors offices.
  26. MD Plus Medical Spa Skincare and Laser Center – Modesto – Grady Mixon, MD
  27. Central Valley Dermatology – Manteca
  28. Abbas Kashani – Kashani Facial Plastic Surgery – Manteca
  29. Anil Sain – Manteca
  30. Anjani Thakur – Turlock, Modesto
  31. Juan Del Valle – Modesto Health & Beauty Weight Loss Center Inc.
  32. Gary Wagner – Modesto
  33. Daniel Taheri – LA Laser Center and Skin Center – Modesto
  34. California Cosmetic Head/Neck Assoc -Turlock
  35. Amin Ashrafzadeh, MD – Modesto
  36. John West – Oakdale and Modesto – West Dermatology
  37. Hamid Amirsheybani, MD – Plastic Surgery, Modesto, Sutter-Gould
  38. Charles Suntra, MD – facial plastic surgery, Modesto, Sutter-Gould
  39. Kaiser departments of Neurology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, etc – Modesto
  40. Sutter Gould/Memorial Hospital departments of Neurology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, etc.  They have borrowed Botox from me in the past. – Modesto
  41. Bettina Harner – Neurology, Modesto Sutter
  42. Sara Hamidi – Turlock
  43. David Fuller – Modesto – Obagi Skin Care, Botox, Laser Procedures
  44. Blake Alexander – Modesto Dermatologist
  45. Wesley Wong, DDS, Modesto Dentist
  46. Corbin Kinser, DDS, Modesto Dentist
  47. Kimberly Cockerham, MD, Modesto, Manteca, Lodi, Tracy, Stockton Ophthalmologist
  48. Priscilla Morris, Modesto Anesthesiologist
  49. Modern Urgent Care, Botox in Ceres, California.
  50. Devinder Makker, Botox in Tracy, California
  51. Serenity Medspa & Chiropractic – Modesto, Michael Niccole (Orange County)
  52. A Perfect Finnish – Edmund Kemprud, Tracy, CA
  53. Janna Brocchini, NP  – Ripon, CA
  54. Gifty Aidoo, NP – Modesto, CA
  55. James J Daley – Ripon, CA
  56. Michael Niccole – Modesto, CA
  57. Joel Felix Ramirez Jr – Riverbank, CA
  58. Alonso Jose Martin Del Campo, MD – Modesto, CA / Serenity
  59. Shirley Van, MD – Dermatologist, Modesto, CA
  60. Nurse Alyssa, – Modesto, CA
  61. Nurse Danielle – Modesto, CA
  62. Nurse Jonna – Modesto, CA
  63. Sheila Dobbins, FNP – Modesto, CA
  64. Kacie Avie, RN – Sacramento, Elkgrove, Modesto, Destination Esthetics
  65. Ari Blair, RN – Ripon CA
  66. Linda Tourtlotte – Modesto, CA
  67. Escalon Integrative Health – Escalon, CA
  68. John Bystrom, DC
  69. Urenewed – Ripon, CA
  70. Livewell – Turlock, CA
  71. Gurneet Chahal, DDS, Oakdale CA
  72. Iraj Sabahi, MD – Turlock, CA
  73. Michael Brodie, MD Turlock, CA
  74. Harjit R. Gogna, MD – Modesto, CA
  75. Golden State Dermatology – Modesto, CA
  76. Greg Scot Morganroth, MD – California Skin Institute
  77. Anjani Thakur, MD – Turlock, CA
  78. Nurse Marcy – Modesto, CA

Short Biography for Botox Surgeon Dr. Calvin Lee

Intro:  I was asked to submit this to the Modesto Symphony when I got awarded an appearance with the Modesto Symphony Orchestra.


Short Modesto Symphony Biography for Calvin Lee, MD

Calvin Lee was born in New York City, and went to school in the suburbs.  He graduated top of his class in high school and was accepted to all the universities he applied to including Harvard, Stanford, and Brown Universities.  He chose to go to Brown and there he met his wife, Dr. Tammy Wu – Plastic Surgeon.  We continued on to medical school at Brown University where Dr. Tammy Wu graded top of her Ivy League medical school class.  Turning down job offers in San Diego and Los Angeles, Dr. Calvin Lee found a wonderful career in Trauma/General surgery in Modesto, California instead.  We decided to call Modesto our home and eventually established Surgical Artistry in 2006.  Dr. Lee is also an acupuncturist.  Now, he spends 40% of his clinical time with acupuncture, and 50% of his time with cosmetic injections of Botox, Dermal-Fillers, Veins, and Kybella.  The rest of the time is reserved for assisting in Cosmetic Surgeries and pain related spinal surgical implants.  He and his wife are founders of the Gallo Center for the Arts, founding title sponsors for the Surgical Artistry Modesto Symphony Pops Series (2007-2009) / Surgical Artistry Modesto Symphony Fat Cat Classics (2006-2007), and founding title sponsors for the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon (2010-current).

Strings Magazine

Musically, Dr. Lee started violin at age 7.  He studied violin with Mary Canberg till he went to college.  He attended music theory classes at the Manhattan School of Music.  He studied violin with Charles Sherba while at Brown University.  He won the concerto competition at Brown University twice and was the concert master .  He finds it interesting and quite an honor to be listed as one of the 7 notable students listed on the webpage of his Brown University Orchestral Conductor, Paul Phillips.  In 2009 he won a spot in the YouTube Symphony.  A year after that, he was invited to Hong Kong to solo on the violin with a well-established medical orchestra.  This led to other violin solo performances with orchestras in Taipei and Macau.  This trip to Asia was a “tour” that took approximately two months.  After that trip, he was eager to return to his world as a doctor.  Another highlight is a write-up in Strings Magazine.  I still remember reading that magazine from cover to cover as a child, and now I get to be on the inside of the back cover!  He is now dabbling in piano.

a pic of Calvin Lee with violin IMG_6900


Allergan Merger / Actavis Takeover

BOTOX wars

The Botox company, Allergan, has consented to be bought by generic pharmaceutical maker, Actavis for $219 a share.  This gets in the way of the hostile takeover attempts led by Valeant Pharmaceuticals and hedge fund man, Bill Ackerman of Pershing Square Capital Management.   But it might be possible for Valeant to out-bid Actavis?

66 Billion? That’s a lot of Botox.

According to the sources, this take-over by Actavis, is worth $66 billion.

My precious! (picture by Calvin Lee, MD Botox injector in Modesto, CA)

Who is Actavis?

In the past two years, Actavis has purchased Forest Laboratories and Warner Chilcott.   Actavis’ CEO is Brent Saunders.  He used to run Forest Laboratories.  Actavis is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has administrative offices in New Jersey.

Who are the losers? Nobody?

Pershing Square Capital Management owns 9.7% of Allergan shares.  Valeant indicated that it may not try to beat Actavis’s offer.  Bill Ackerman and Valeant stand to benefit from the increased share price for Allergan; thus they wouldn’t lose either way.

My thoughts

This is a win-win-win for the three A’s:  Actavis, Allergan, Ackerman.  And it also seems to be a win for Valeant who will get 15% of Ackerman’s profits from the price increase in Allergan’s stock (which he owns nearly 10% of Allergan stock).  I also think it will be a win for Botox injectors and consumers.  Actavis will try to be more efficient with it’s administration of Allergan – with further cost cutting and unification of efforts.  And they have pledged to continue to have research and development within the Allergan family of products.  And most importantly in the end, I think the consumers (and doctors) will benefit.  I feel that the Valeant/Allergan merger (Vallergant – I’ve called it), might have cut too many costs and we’d lose on research/development.  Thus the new merger of Allergan and Actvis – there would be a better balance with continued research and developement.  So it will be a 6 way win-win-win-win-win-win:  Actavis, Allergan, Ackerman, Valeant, doctors/Botox-injectors, and patients.  That’s how you do mergers!   I certainly hope so.  Time will tell, and I hope to be here to talk about it.



Link to Allergan goes with Actavis instead of Valeant / Ackerman

Ackerman/Valeant walks away from Allergan

Wikipedia article on Actavis

Juvederm before and after picture for cheeks

Juvederm and Belotero Before and After
Juvederm ultra plus xc and Belotero injected via Cannula Technique by Dr. Calvin Lee

This is not done with Juvederm Voluma.  As of November 2013, I do not have experience with Juvederm Voluma.  Juvederm Voluma, however, is on it’s way to the office in Modesto, CA and I will soon have experience with this new dermal filler.  [update: I’ve used my first syringe of Juvederm Voluma on 12/24/13.  It was a very satisfying and positive experience.   I look forward to having even more experience with Juvederm Voluma.  I was able to use my 27g 1.5 inch cannula for Juvederm Voluma injections].

To improve my cosmetic dermal filler craft, I’m analyzing my past week. 95% of this result was performed with CANNULAS as an instrument of liquid implant delivery and a whole bunch of other secrets. There’s more that I would like to do with fillers for her, but my instructions were only to work on under eyes (tear troughs) and cheeks.

Background info:

Patient had lost a good deal of weight and it is showing in her face.  Options include face lift.  However, she chose to use Juvederm, Belotero, and Botox.  In the before picture she had Botox and Juvederm expertly done at another plastic surgery practice in our town of Modesto, CA.  I added upon that work to get the 13 day “after” picture using only Belotero and Juvederm.

Info about Brilliant Distinctions in our Modesto Cosmetic Injections practice.

Picture used with permission.  Thank you very much for letting me share this experience.  This is an off Label, FDA usage of Juvederm ultra plus XC for cheek fillers.

Axillary Hyperhidrosis Botox (excessive sweating) treatments in Modesto by Calvin Lee, MD

Hyperhidrosis – sweating under arms

I perform Botox injections for Axillary Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating – underarm). However, I’m always in the interest of getting the patients the best value. I don’t take any forms of medical insurance, and the procedure with me costs $1000 (price as of 11/15/13, subject to change), and the results last about 9-12 months when injected in a focused pattern after localizing testing with starch (otherwise it’s probably more like 6 months). I’ve heard that medical insurance might cover this procedure, have you found a good place to get this procedure done under insurance? Is the doctor good at it and does the insurance really cover the procedure adequately where the doctor feels that he is getting paid for the Botox used? Botox is an expensive product to acquire. I would like to send patients to a insurance provider who will do a great job. So far, I personally haven’t found this. So for now, many people are stuck with me for the $1000 procedure.

Feel free to email me if you have further thoughts:   staff [at] surgerytoday.com

Visit our Botox home page:  Sweating and Botox in Modesto, CA.  Thank you!

BOTOX is now approved by the FDA to treat Crows Feet

It’s official:  Botox approved by FDA for the cosmetic treatment of crows feet

Hot off the press:  Today:  9/11/13.  These are my views as a Botox injector in Modesto, CA.

Botox for Crows Feet? No, crows do not stop walking after treatment, and No, it’s not something that veterinarians can do for your pet bird.

Crows feet are those wrinkles around the corners of the eyes.  Sometimes these are even called “fish tail”.  Medical folks are somewhat inclined to call this area lateral canthal lines.  The original cosmetic approval of Botox was in 2002 for the treatment of glabellar lines which are cause by a complex of muscles involved in frowning between the eyebrow area.  Botox now has FDA approval for effectiveness and safety in the crows feet area after studying over 800 patients.


But haven’t doctors been treating crows feet for awhile?

Yes, doctors have been using Botox to treat crows feet wrinkles for many years.  This is called using it off-label FDA usage of Botox – and based on a doctor’s professional discretion.  FDA website.

How Long does Botox last in the Crows Feet?

Botox typically has an effect in my experience and Modesto based practice from 1 to 6 months.  But the results are usually dose dependent.  Meaning that the higher the dose, the longer it lasts.  But there are some minor factors which depend on Botox injection technique and patient factors – but for the most part it is dependent on the amount of Botox injected.

What’s all this about eyelid swelling after Botox?

There’s the risk of eyelid droop.  Then there’s the well known risk of eyebrow droop.  And there’s another complication of eyelid swelling.  The periorbital muscle is the muscle which causes most of the crows feet.  It has the function of closing the eye shut which also serves to squeeze fluid and edema out of the area.  Theoretically if too much Botox was injected into the periorbital muscle – obicularis oculi, it can hamper this mechanical function of squeezing out excess fluid and thus swelling can dwell in the eye area.  However, this is not to be confused with a temporary (few minutes) swelling that appears with the injection site of Botox.  These are small temporary blebs/bulges in the skin which appears as the Botox is injected in a liquid under the skin.  Confusing?  Yes, but these risks are unusual and injectors worry about them so the patients don’t have to worry about them as much.

How about competitors to Botox?  Do they have Crows Feet Approval?

Not yet, the other neuromodulators, which are Xeomin and Dysport do not yet have approval for crows feet.  It is up to the manufacturers whether they want to obtain this type of approval from the FDA.

How will this new FDA approval change my Botox practice?

  1. I think it gives the patients a greater feeling of safety for this product.  Thus I think it is useful.
  2. It becomes easier to pick a product which is FDA approved for the desired effect.  ie.  When deciding between the different neuromodulators available to the Modesto, CA, USA market:  Dysport, Xeomin and Dysport.
  3. I think we would see more advertisements coming from the Allergan company regarding crows feet Botox.  Allergan has historically been very good at advertising directly to the public.


Other Botox related links

Botox in Modesto – Consider having it done by Calvin Lee, MD

Botox in Modesto:  I hope you will consider me for your injections

botox picture with arrows
Locations for potential Botox use. Some of these injections are considered off-label FDA usage of Botox.


THE BASICS of my Modesto Botox practice:  

I created Surgical Artistry with my wife, Dr. Tzuying Tammy Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgeon.  I am a surgeon & violinist.  I have enjoyed playing my violin at Carnegie Hall in New York twice thus far.  Originally from New York City, I moved to Modesto, CA in the year 2003.  Highlights of my educational life are getting accepted to all the universities which I applied:  Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale, and much more.  After careful decision, I felt Brown University was best for me and that was where I met my wife, Dr. Tammy Wu.  She eventually graduated with a #1 designation from our class at Brown .  Surgical Artistry is proud to be founders of the  Surgical Artistry Modesto MarathonModesto Symphony Pops Series, and the Gallo Center for the Arts.


I would like to think of all my patients as my friends. Friends should be honest to each other.


My staff counted once, and I use up about 500 needles per day. I use needles for acupuncture, vein injections, Botox, Juvederm, Belotero, and DermaPen. Doing surgery with needles is what I do at Surgical Artistry. So if you need medical procedures which involves needles, please consider me.


For my music with the violin, I understand the creation of art which appeals to one’s positive emotions. This artistry is the same for the subtle changes that I need to make when injecting Botox and dermal fillers (Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane, Juvederm, Belotero, etc).


I think at least 50% of creating a great result is based on understanding the patient’s goals and vision, and then also communicating expectations and trade-offs.  The final result is the result of teamwork with me, my office and my patient.  This type of communicative teamwork requires time and patience to achieve the desired result.


I am a surgeon and an instrumental musician – these are two things which improve my dexterity every day. Having precision is a high priority in my life.

Doria Bybee  - Audrey Saint-Gil Copy - Copy


Why? Because my plastic surgeon wife will kill me otherwise. Well, kidding aside, I am dedicated to great results for all the modalities I offer at Surgical Artistry: Acupuncture, Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Veins. Great results and happy patients are what fuels my enthusiasm and purpose on this planet.

a use for calvin lee  profile picture DSC08729 -brighter

Calvin Lee, MD
(209) 551-1888 (office in Modesto, CA)

Growth of my Botox and Juvederm practice over the last three years since we started with Brilliant Distinctions, a program for coupons developed by the Botox company - Allergan.
Growth of my Botox and Juvederm practice over the last three years since we started with Brilliant Distinctions, a program for coupons developed by the Botox company – Allergan.



Here are some reviews found on my Yelp page:

These are the filtered out reviews which I think are very valid and thank you to those who took the time to write and I’m sorry they got filtered out on Yelp.  I have no control over that

This kind review is about my acupuncture practice

Review Yelp by Nancy

“Dr. Lee is great!  I’ve been going to him for years for various health issues, especially stress.  It leaves me so relaxed with a lasting effect and is very healing.  I am unable to go longer than a month without seeing Dr. Lee because it keeps me healthy like nothing else does.
Dr. Lee has even given me acupuncture for wounds and the flu that have healed much faster than usual.  He’s easygoing and really good at what he does.  It’s very important to be calm, so the energy blockages can be released and your chi can flow again and bring healing.  Before acupuncture, I could not feel the energy at all because I was so blocked.  Now I can feel it as soon as the first needle goes in and my feet vibrate with all the energy that flows.  I highly recommend Dr. Lee.”

This other very nice review is regarding my Botox practice

Review Yelp by Debra


“Dr Lee is amazing with botox/juviderm injections. He is extremely people oriented and has a fantasic bedside manner. His results for getting rid of unwanted wrinkles  are fantastic and almost painless I will continue to go to him in the future and hightly reccomend his services if you are looking for injections !!”

I would love to get more Yelp Reviews:

I would love to hear more review (hopefully positive feedback? – if you feel I deserve it).

Review Dr. Calvin Lee, MD Botox and Acupuncture on Yelp

Thank you.

Please visit our other pages


Belotero and Botox for around the eyes.

Some initial thoughts of mine on Belotero.  These will change from time to time.  Much of this is consider off-label-FDA usage.

Belotero Balance and Botox for CROWS FEET

Off label FDA usage of Botox around the eyes has been the mainstay of treatment.  In my Modesto, CA practice, I’ve recently tried Belotero Balance – a dermal filler, to fill in the medium-fine lines that make up some of the crows feet.  Belotero seems to integrate nicely into the skin.  In conclusion, I think Belotero is a nice add-on in addition to Botox treatments around the eyes.  Belotero is most outstanding in those static line crows feet.


Under the eye area – I’ve been super pleased with Belotero Balance, as have our Modesto patients.  I have in the past used Restylane and Juvederm ultra in these areas  under the eye.  But I feel I get even smoother appearances under the eye with Belotero.

Belotero Balance for SCARS

This is where Belotero doesn’t seem to do as well.  Scars around the eyes and other areas on the face – I feel that even with freeing up some of the tissue under the scar, the Belotero isn’t able to lift the scars up as much as I’d like it to.  I think in these areas I may prefer a thicker dermal filler product.


Please feel free to visit my personally made Modesto Botox web page.

Botox and Juvederm informational event at Surgical Artistry

Celebration with Botox, Juvederm, Latisse, and Obagi at Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA

Purpose of this page:  To share information with other plastic surgery or cosmetic minded practices regarding open houses.  Our first open house had 235 people come through.  I’ve decided that was too many people, and have since come up with strategies to focus the open house to have fewer people.  We are 2 doctor, husband-wife, plastic surgery practice located in Modesto, CA specializing in Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Injections, Veins, and Acupuncture.  

My wife and I became a team when we met as part of the Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) at Brown University.  My wife, Dr. Tammy Wu, eventually graduated top of her class with the award for highest grades among the women doctor graduates of that Brown University program.  I on the other hand, as a violinist, had the fortunate experience of being the concert master of the Orchestra and a two time winner of the concerto competition at  Brown University (had to add something in there so I didn’t sound too shabby in comparison).  We also helped to start a marthon in Modesto, California called the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon – how exciting.  We are now getting ready for the 5th annual edition of this marathon.

Today (Saturday, August 3, 2013) we celebrated the start of our 11th year in Modesto, California.   To kick off the celebration we were supported by Allergan (the makers of Botox and Juvederm) to do an educational event regarding Botox and Juvederm.  I had two models and we injected Botox into different areas of the face, and then the most dramatic changes were using Juvederm.  In many ways, I guess you could consider this an open house.

Happy 11 years in Modesto
11 balloons to celebrate the start of our 11th year in Modesto, CA.

Genesis of this event

I had originally talked with Allegan – the makers of Juvederm, Botox, and Latisse about having a 10 year celebration.  So in essence this was the 10 year celebration of Dr. Tammy Wu and myself (Dr. Calvin Lee) being in Modesto.  The first 3 years of this decade were spent at Sutter Gould and McHenry Medical Group (now known as GMMSA – Greater Modesto Medical Surgical Associates) respectively, for the two of us.  Allergan’s Northern California Regional Manager presented to me the idea of having a nice lunch and then focusing the event on live demonstrations of Botox and Juvederm.  I’ve never done a live demo before of Botox and Juvederm and I was excited by the idea.  I’ve heard of other cosmetic practices having done this, but this would be a first for me.   I didn’t follow his plan exactly.  He had a small admission fee in mind and it was to be set on a work day (Monday-Friday) from 10am-2pm.  The admission fee could potentially be applied to a Botox or Juvederm procedure.  My reason for that was that Dr. Tammy Wu had already been planning an Obagi event from 9am to 11am – a Saturday breakfast kind of event.  And she thought we could Piggy Back onto that event and attract even more people – people who were interested in Obagi and perhaps a separate group of people interested in Cosmetic injections.  We thought the two groups of people would be interested in both events.  So we combined them and didn’t charge an admission fee and had it on the weekend and extended the hours of the event.

Similarly, two months ago we did a Breast Augmentation Open House event sponsored by Mentor with mini lectures by Dr. Tammy Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgeon.  We had a turn out of about 30 people, and the advertising method was similar – all via FaceBook.

How did I advertise our Botox / Juvederm / Obagi Modesto event?

I had advertised this cosmetic event on FaceBook .  I advertised to the Modesto area, and spent about $1000 on advertising.  I created an Botox Juvederm event page (which was free on FaceBook).  But paid for those advertising on the sides and in boosted posts.  I had trouble with boosted posts for some reason and never really figured out the reason.  I’ll have to put in a query to the facebook posts.  But I’ve had trouble in the past with plastic surgery type advertisements in FaceBook.  The free event page received 124 “going” guests – I think that’s a great way to spread the word.

I have three FaceBook accounts.

Each of them are slightly different

We got about 60 guests as estimated by our Surgical Artistry staff.  I was pretty impressed.  I think about 90% of the patients were new to the office.  We offered specials on Obagi as well, and I’m sure this was partly a draw – so not everyone was here for the Botox and Juvederm demonstration.

DEWZ Restaurant was one of the main attractions

We had great food catered by DEWZ Restaurant.  The food and amount worked out well.  We had requested food for 30 people for the catering.  In the past we had reserved for 60 people (we used Surlas before), and that was too much food.  You can get overwhelmed with food.  Back to the topic of DEWZ, Judy, one of the owners of the restaurant came herself to make sure the process went smoothly.  We are very appreciative.

People were able to walk in and out of my procedure room.  I think I heard that the injections into the lip seemed a bit much for patients – it just seemed somewhat “scary” perhaps.  Perhaps lip injections weren’t the best public demonstration.

Regardless, many patients stayed for the demo and I think they learned a good deal and some of them even signed up for cosmetic injections.

Feedback on FaceBook

Here are some comments we got on FaceBook after our event:

NC - blocked

Multi - blocked

LN - blocked

HC - blocked

SL - blocked

Results of the Botox / Juvederm Banking (pre-sales)

When we counted up the results, we pre-sold 500 Units of Botox and 19 syringes of Juvederm.  We had about 60 guests come to visit.  27 of the guests purchased something – either Obagi, Botox, Juvederm or Latisse.

Thank you very much for coming to our Botox / Juvederm / Obagi event.  We truly appreciate the tremendous support.

Empty Botox bottles I’ve collected in Modesto, CA. I have much more, but my staff made me put them away.

Lessons Learned

  • Having a sign in sheet may improve the flow of the event for those waiting for the Obagi Rep who did free personalized skin care analysis with the reveal machine.
  • Having catered food for 30 people was enough.
  • It is possible to do all the advertising through FaceBook without tapping into our email list – especially if the goal is to introduce the practice to new patients.  We love having many establish patients come by to mingle and talk about us with the new potential patients.
  • Most folks don’t come right at the beginning of the open house.  The popular time is around 10am or later it seems.  A shorter open house between 10a-2p might be a new possibility and this could possibly be done during a work day instead of a Saturday.

My Modesto stash of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC.

Other Resources

Summary of the event pages used on FaceBook for my previous events.

I didn’t include our Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon event pages here.

I had used three different FaceBook event pages for the Breast Augmentation event (June 1, 2013):

1) MAIN: https://www.facebook.com/events/584965031537598/
2) https://www.facebook.com/events/543135229070109/
3) https://www.facebook.com/events/127156384150390/

Only one  Botox Juvederm event page (August 3, 2013)

Attributes of Highly Effective Botox Injectors

Genesis of coming up with this list of attributes of highly effective MD Botox Injectors

For the past 2 months.  I went around the country to participate in lectures, courses and conferences regarding Botox, Juvederm, and other cosmetic injections.  I also made it a point to personally get to know some of these injectors.  Most of the injectors whom I met were from the United States, but some notable ones were from Russia and Hong Kong.  These doctors don’t just inject Botox – it was just for a catchy title.  A better word to use would be Comsetic Injections.  I wanted to bring back the world’s best Botox information and bring all that to my Botox practice in Modesto, CA.

I only talked with Medical Doctors who Inject

The injectors whom I talked with were Medical Doctors (ie. Dermatologists and Surgeons).  There are highly successful, effective, and well-known injectors who are physician assistants and nurses, but in my past 2 months I didn’t have time to meet them or seek them out.  Perhaps another time in the future.

Here’s the List:  Attributes/Habits of Effective/Successful Cosmetic Injectors who are MD’s

1. They enjoy being the injector – without delegating to a nurse or PA
2. They are constantly looking for newer, safer and better methods
3. They are eager to be on the cutting edge with new products – this allows them to speak publicly about the product and become an early adopter and early expert.
4. They selectively use cannulas for a portion of their injections – much of this is for safety and quicker recovery
5. They are very willing to share / talk / publish.  In fact I get the sense that they really like publishing.  Much of them got famous from publishing often.
6. They make injections a priority in their practice.  Some of the surgeons diminish the surgical part of their practice.  Some of the Dermatologists diminish the medical dermatology portion of their practice.
7. They often go back to knowing the anatomy, and exploring new anatomical concepts – which contribute to what they call paradigm shifts in the thinking regarding filler use or conceptualization of aging.
8. They are not be afraid to show off their grey hair – but will make some attempt to hide their wrinkles.  Just making a light-hearted comment here.
9. Most importantly they do not view fillers or Botox as a COMMODITY. In other words, it’s not a Botox per unit price or cost per syringe of Juvederm (the PRODUCTS), rather it’s the injector’s SKILL which is the true value. And this is how they provide the best VALUE – through the best skill and materials.  However, the rest of the world seems to be viewing Botox and Fillers and a commodity – like something you’d buy off of Amazon.com for example.


I have much to bring back to my Modesto, CA practice.  I learned a lot of the techniques.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever publish much (besides writing some topics in this blog) and thus I’ll just be famous in my small local area.