Belotero and Botox for around the eyes.

Some initial thoughts of mine on Belotero.  These will change from time to time.  Much of this is consider off-label-FDA usage.

Belotero Balance and Botox for CROWS FEET

Off label FDA usage of Botox around the eyes has been the mainstay of treatment.  In my Modesto, CA practice, I’ve recently tried Belotero Balance – a dermal filler, to fill in the medium-fine lines that make up some of the crows feet.  Belotero seems to integrate nicely into the skin.  In conclusion, I think Belotero is a nice add-on in addition to Botox treatments around the eyes.  Belotero is most outstanding in those static line crows feet.


Under the eye area – I’ve been super pleased with Belotero Balance, as have our Modesto patients.  I have in the past used Restylane and Juvederm ultra in these areas  under the eye.  But I feel I get even smoother appearances under the eye with Belotero.

Belotero Balance for SCARS

This is where Belotero doesn’t seem to do as well.  Scars around the eyes and other areas on the face – I feel that even with freeing up some of the tissue under the scar, the Belotero isn’t able to lift the scars up as much as I’d like it to.  I think in these areas I may prefer a thicker dermal filler product.


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