Calvin Lee, MD Modesto Botox Surgeon Stats as a Botox Injector

Calvin Lee
Calvin Lee


2013 Background in general for Calvin Lee, MD

written by Calvin Lee, MD

  • I have a degree from Brown University in Neurosciences.
  • I have a medical degree from Brown University.
  • I am a Board Certified General Surgeon
  • I am an acupuncturist
  • I am a violinist
  • I also play the piano to help develop my dexterity and artistry
  • My main focus now is minimally invasive type procedures done with needles such as Vein Sclerotherapy, Acupuncture, Botox and Dermal Fillers in our office in Modesto – Surgical Artistry.

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2013 Botox / Allergan Background for Calvin Lee, MD

  • I founded Surgical Artistry with my wife in 2006.
  • I have participated in cosmetic surgeries by assisting my wife (Dr. Tammy Wu) in plastic surgeries since 2006.  I mainly assist with almost all tummy tucks and face lifts which are done by Dr. Tammy Wu, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Modesto.
  • Dr. Tammy Wu gave me my initial certification to inject Botox, via instruction, guidance, and critique.  The certification was approved by California’s Cooperative of American Physicians.  I have since developed my own style of injections.  This was not required for me.  But something I wanted to do.
  • I started officially injecting Botox in the year 2008 with approval from the Cooperative of American Physicians.  I had to submit my trial cases of Botox and get a letter of recommendation.
  • Eventually, I became a speaker for the Allergan company (makers of Latisse, Botox, and Juvederm)
  • I have participated actively in learning all I can about the rest of the world’s knowledge about Botox at the Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting in 2013.
  • I have also received personal tips from one of the original injectors of Botox and Dermal Fillers, Dr. Steve Yoelin in 2013.  I attended one of his lectures in 2013 and have kept in touch due to his kindness and generosity.

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Summarized 2013 Statistics for Calvin Lee, MD regarding Botox in Modesto, CA

  • I wrote a separate website here with even more details on my Modesto Botox practice statistics for 2013
  • 724 Botox patient visits in 2013.
  • 374 Different patients seen for Botox in 2013.
  • I definitely hope to continue to grow and I am very thankful to those who trust me with their cosmetic Botox injections.
  • For fun, I queried our database for the number of Botox visits I had in 2008 when I first officially started with Botox injections (May – after getting a self imposed formal certification to perform the procedure).  I had 103 Botox patient visits in the year of 2008.  In contrast, 724 patient visits for Botox for 2013 is a nice improvement.
Calvin Lee, MD (209) 551-1888
Calvin Lee, MD
(209) 551-1888