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How many Botox Units for Crows Feet?

How many units of Botox are good for treating the crows feet around the eyes?

Quick answer?  8-12 units of Botox per side.  Because we usually want to treat both sides of the eyes, we would double that number and that would be 16-24 units.

8-12 units of Botox per side? (16-24 units of Botox)

Yes, about 8-12 units of Botox could be injected per crows feet (left or right).  However, everyone is different.  I have done more and I have done less.  This depends on Male vs Female, young vs old, and of course on personal preferences and experiences with Botox.

Another consideration is eyebrows.  Eyebrows can also be lifted with a certain style of crows feet injection, or even an extension of the crows feet injection.  Women and men have different eyebrows.  Women have more of an arch, which complements a certain style of crows feet Botox injections – these injections hug the eye a bit closer – especially toward the eyebrow region.

And yet another consideration is swelling under the eyes.  Sometimes too much injection in the crows feet can lead to temporary swelling under the eyes.  These are things to discuss with your personal Botox injector – preferably in person and at an appointment (face-to-face).

What to do for really deep Crows Feet lines?  Static lines.

Fillers may be an option.  I like to use Belotero as a filler for crows feet if needed.   Juvederm could also be used, but in my hands it tends to be a little bit bumpier.  But it is usually my preference to try Botox alone first.

That’s the beauty of Botox.  It is customizable.

Everyone will have different preferences and have a different response to Botox.  It becomes a science and art – this injection of Botox.

I hope I helped to answer the question of how many units of Botox are needed to help with crows feet around the sides of the eyes.


Let’s say we just wanted one number to be the answer.  Perhaps hang on to the number 20.  It’s a nice round number, and it’s between 16-24 units of Botox (for both sides).  I would say that 20 units of Botox is a nice treatment for many people’s crows feet!

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Who is Allergan?

Allergan is the Company who makes BOTOX

Allergan is the company who makes BOTOX, Latisse, and Juvederm.  These are three popular products offered at Surgical Artistry.  Latisse is a take-home product, unlike BOTOX and Juvederm which are injected (by Dr. Calvin Lee).


Allergan cosmetic products

Allergan is also regarded as an ophthalmic (eye) pharmaceutical specialty company

Allergan makes many other pharmaceutical products – many of them are for the eye – conditions such as dry eye.

Eye Products include:

  • Restasis
  • Lumigan
  • Acuvail

How many Billions in sales for Allergan?

  • It is estimated that Allergan has $7 billion in sales in 2014

Advertising spending for Allergan?

  • In 2012, it is estimated that Allergan spent 162 million in advertising.

Allergan Location?

Headquarter is in Irvine, California

Allergan Merger?

Allergan plans to merge with Actavis.  The battle for Allergan started in April 2014 when Valeant made a bid for Allergan.  Actavis plans to pay $66 billion for Allergan.  Brent Saunders is the CEO and president of Actavis.

For more information about Allergan including the CEO’s BLOG.

  • Allergan home page – this is a great place to start learning about Allergan.
  • AllerganViews: The CEO of Allergan has a blog.  “Our Pursuit, Life’s Potential.” That is Allergan’s vision, and every day, around the globe, our more than 11,000 employees work to deliver on this vision.  David Pyott is the current CEO, as of the writing of this blog which is Dec 10, 2014.
  • Allergan on Twitter
  • Allergan also runs the Brilliant Distinctions program.  Click here to log in direction to Brilliant Distinctions.

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Medical Botox vs Cosmetic Botox, differences?

BOTOX® Medical and BOTOX® Cosmetic

The BOTOX formulations are the same.  But the uses are different.  As the terms say, BOTOX medical is used for Medical purposes.  And BOTOX Cosmetic is used for cosmetic purposes.  There are many OFF-LABEL FDA uses of BOTOX, but here we explore the ON-LABEL uses for medical problems and cosmetic problems.

Medical uses of BOTOX
Sometimes called BOTOX THERAPEUTIC

More specifically, medical uses of BOTOX which are ON-LABEL FDA:

  • BOTOX for Overactive bladder symptoms
  • BOTOX for Urine Incontinence due to neurological disease
  • BOTOX for Headaches, specifically chronic migraines (15 or more days each month, longer than 4 hours each day)
  • BOTOX for upper limb spasticity
  • BOTOX for cervical dystonia
  • BOTOX for strabismus: an eye muscle problem
  • BOTOX for blepharospasm: an abnormal spasm of eyelids.
  • BOTOX for axillary hyperhidrosis
BOTOX Injection sites for Blepharospasm

The BOTOX injection site picture from Allergan.  BOTOX has been the main blepharospasm treatment since FDA approval in 1989.

BOTOX injection sites for Blepharospasm treatment.  Picture from Allergan.  BOTOX has been the main blepharospasm treatment since FDA approval in 1989.
BOTOX injection sites for Blepharospasm treatment.

Cosmetic uses for BOTOX

  • Glabellar lines = Frown lines between the eyebrows.  Botox was approved for usage for cosmetically reducing the appearance of wrinkles, temporarily between the eyebrows in patients between the age of 18 to 65 years old.  This was approved by the FDA in 2002.
  • Crows feet = Lines on the side of the eyes.  In September 2013, the FDA approved Botox for use in the crows feet area.  Botox for the Crows Feet – a entry in my Modesto Botox Blog

Again all the above mentions are FDA approved – ON LABEL usage.  There are other medical and cosmetic uses of BOTOX but they require a physician to determine the possibility of OFF LABEL-FDA use.

Differences in Dosages in Medical Botox vs. Cosmetic Botox

Usually many more Botox units are needed for medical indications than for cosmetic indications.

Disclaimer for this BOTOX webpage:

Unless you are directly looking at my actual crows feet and my glabellar lines, there is no establishment of a doctor-patient relationship.  Please see your own doctor’s wrinkles in person so that you can get medical advice.  Above is for information only – not to be considered any sort of medical advice.  Furthermore, looking at a picture or video of my crows feet and glabellar wrinkles does not count – it has to be a live and in-person viewing.


Neotensil is now Available at Surgical Artistry

Botox for Crows feet now has a companion: Neotensil for under the eyes!

In addition to Botox around the side of the eyes, we now have Neotensil for under the eyes.

Neotensil is a liquid film which tighten under the eyes.
Neotensil is a liquid film which tighten under the eyes.

Info about Neotensil, now available in Modesto, California

The Neotensil info below was put together by Karla, who works in our Modesto Plastic Surgery Office:

Do we have anything nonsurgical that helps under the eyes?  Why yes we do, I’m glad you asked. We have a revolutionary new product called Neotensil.  Neotensil is great because it is a daily invisible film which shapes and tightens the bags and wrinkles under the eyes.  It is the only non-invasive, at-home procedure that reduces the appearance of under eye puffiness and wrinkles.  We saw the results for ourselves, and it’s really impressive.  It’s a great option for patients who are not interested in surgery, but would like eyes that look younger and refreshed.  Neotensil is exclusive to Obagi and doctor’s offices.  It’s only sold by physicians, so you will not find this product at Sephora or Ulta.  Finally, there is a non-surgical solution for the unwanted baggy eyes.  We are excited to be able to offer it to our patients.

How do you use it?  The application process takes about 5 min.  It’s an easy two-step topical application that you can use every day or for special occasions.  You put the products on and it starts tightening after about ten minutes, and it keeps tightening for the first few hours.  So, if you have an upcoming important event, and you’re worried about under eye puffiness, Neotensil will make you look even better in the matter of an hour!  It feels like liquid “Spanx” for your eyes.  The results last 16 hours and you just take it off with your makeup at the end of the day.

What does it do?  It is made with technology developed at MIT and Harvard.  They call it “shape-wear” – which lifts, smoothes, and tightens.  It not only helps reduce under eye puffiness, but it helps tighten the appearance of loose, sagging skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles.  It also moisturizes up to 2x better than the leading over-the-counter cream, improving hydration.  While you have it on, it hydrates your under eyes and can help improve the hydration of your eyes over time.

How many applications come in the kit?  The kit comes with 50 applications, so it will last you about four months if you use it 3-4 times a week and almost two months if you use it every day.  When used once a week for special occasions, it could last a year.   The kit is $500 + tax.  When your eyes look good, it really brightens your whole face.

Can you wear your own concealer or make up over it?  Unfortunately not, customers are discouraged from wearing make-up under the eyes before or after the application.  Neotensil will improve the appearance of your under eyes but you cannot use your own makeup over it.  The Neotensil concealer has not been released, but check back with us.

How does it compare to Plastic Surgical Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty)?  Neotensil will not replace lower lid surgery, but rather is a therapy for those who are not ready for surgery or for some reason are not surgical candidates.


For more information about us or Neotensil:

Feel free to visit our Modesto Botox Home Page (  On that page we have our contact information, please call us for more info!