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The Best of Brilliant Distinctions for the practitioner

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I’m the kind of guy that gets frustated easily with computers, but I’ve found some great features from Brilliant Distinctions which is a computer driven program which brings Botox customers back with coupons and rebates.

Please feel free to view our Modesto statistics with Botox and the Brilliant Distinctions Program.

I like how Brilliant Distinctions emails the patients reminders

  • After a certain period of time, and from time to time, Brilliant Distinctions emails customers reminders regarding Botox, Juvederm, Latisse, and other Allergan products.
  • They will sometimes mail reminders when a patient is about due for their Botox cycle.
  • They will sometimes mail special rebates.  This, I know our Botox / Juvederm / Latisse patients enjoy getting.    These rebates are somewhat intelligent and can target a population who hasn’t tried a particular product.
  • They also sometimes mail reminders if they have coupons or points which are about to expire.
  • In a way, Brilliant Distinctions, keeps the patients connected with these products which I carry in my office.

I like the discounts Brilliant Distinctions gives patients

I sometimes tell patients that BD stands for “Botox Discounts”.  But as we know BD stands for Brilliant Distinctions.  As the owner of a medical office, I personally dislike sporadic discounts because I think our prices should be a great value all the time.  But BD takes that work out of my hands and gives discounts to the patients for me.  The patients love discounts.

I like how it ties one product to another

When someone likes the results of Botox, they would most likely like the results of other aesthetic related products such as Juvederm and Latisse.  The coupons from Brilliant Distinctions act as a bridge introducing other products we carry in our office.  The coupons are the bridge, the products are the gateway to other excellent products which make our patients happy and confident.

My favorite part: BD Analytics

With analytics, we can easily see which patients might benefit from a nudge from our practice.  I personally appreciate nudges from coaches.  In many ways, we are the beauty coaches for our patients.  Using the analytics section, we can identify patients who have “slacked” off from a routine maintenance program of restoring youthful appearaces at our office.  Once identified, we consider giving the patients a phone call to see if we can help.  Or perhaps we need to find out about some things we need to improve upon.  It’s a diligent disciplined approach to life that yields the best results – the same can be said for achieving and maintaining health and beauty.  BD analytics is very customizable, and allows one to find patients who have expiring coupons, or who haven’t been to the office in a certain period of time.   Calling these patients will improve our retention rate, and by contacting these patients, we will improve their outcomes from having a disciplined approach to Botox, Juvederm, Latisse, and skin care.

If you have basic spreadsheet (ie. Excel) skills you can manipuate the data to further assist you in your practice.  For example, I wanted to show my staff how we grew, we were able to use BD analytics to show how many unique patients we see per year for Botox and for Juvederm:

Growth of my Botox and Juvederm practice over the last three years since we started with Brilliant Distinctions, a program for coupons developed by the Botox company - Allergan.
Growth of my Botox and Juvederm practice over the last three years since we started with Brilliant Distinctions (BD).  These graphs were drawn in Excel using data from Brilliant Distinctions Analytics.  Click to see a larger version of the graph.

Overall, Brilliant Distinctions can grow our practices.

There’s automatic growth by using Brilliant distinction, and there’s purposeful growth by putting energy into the program and using BD analytics.  Once you start building up patients in the program, BD analytics eventually becomes one of the most valuable parts.  The more you put into Brilliant Distinctions, the more you’ll get out.  You need staff training, time, and the opportunity to sharpen your spreadsheet skills.  All is worthwhile.

My patients love the coupons, they love crossing over into other products in the Allergan family, and we have become better practitioners for allowing them to get a lower cost, giving them chances to try other excellent products, and with this tool, we can also monitor patients who might become “lost to follow up.”

Calvin Lee, MD
Modesto, California.

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Calvin Lee, MD is a graduate of Brown University Medical School.  He is a General Surgeon who works with his Plastic Surgeon wife, Dr. Tammy Wu in a practice called Surgical Artistry in Modesto, CA.

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