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Cost of Botox

Prices will fluctuate from time to time.  Please call to get updates.  Prices are subject to change and web page can become out of date.

How much does Botox cost? - this page summarizes most of what's mentioned in the pages below.  It has ranges, it has averages, it has THE AVERAGE dollar amount spent, and it has averages ranges of units of Botox used separated by areas.  This is a POPULAR page - I think it gets visitors from all over.

Average costs of Botox by the area - numbers from our office and across the world.

Average cost of Botox at Surgical Artistry (one number!) - yep, summarized it into one number for all visitors getting Botox at Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA.


About Dr. Calvin Lee

Botox Home Page ( - has much about me.  I figured it was MY home page so it should be about ME.

Why get Botox injections from Modesto's Dr. Calvin Lee? - I'm good with needles (my acupuncture practice)!  I'm married to a plastic surgeon, and I play violin.  It all helps!  Oh, and I'm a surgeon too!


Brilliant Distinctions

An article by Dr. Lee regarding the creation of buttons for Brilliant Distinctions - written for MedicalSpaMD, a publication for aesthetic physicians.

Botox Discounts = Brilliant Distinctions - free program!

Our own Brilliant Distinctions Statistics - see how much our patients have saved and how many patients we have enrolled

PDF pamphlet for Brilliant Distinctions - this is the BD pamphlet that we hand out at the office.  This is a program run by Allergan, not by our office.


Usage of Botox

Off-Label Usage of Botox and Juvederm - Role of the FDA

BOTOX defined


Social Media

FaceBook Page for Calvin Lee, Botox Injector - separate newer FaceBook page (this link is the actual FB page)than the Surgical Artistry one.  About 76 "likes" - well, I guess I'm not as popular as my wife's page.

FaceBook Page for Surgical Artistry - over 1400 "likes"

Personal FaceBook Page for Calvin Lee - I'm an open book - join me in my quest for personal health, cats, gardening, running, classical music, and continuing medical education.  About 1577 friends.


Other Minimally Invasive Procedures

Top non-surgical cosmetic procedures at our office - our top 6


Modesto Botox Blogs

Modesto Botox Blog home page

A listing of the Best Modesto Botox Blogs - over 50 pages listed here.  So there are many really interesting topics here.


Botox and Filler consent form - a sample form written by Dr. Calvin Lee

New Patient Forms for our office


Other Somewhat Worthwhile Web Pages

Plastic Surgery Site Map for opens up another huge universe of web pages (by me).

Modesto Plastic Surgery - - mainly a page for my wife's practice (Dr. Tammy Wu)

Breast Augmentation Modesto

Tummy Tuck Modesto

Getting Botox from a Violinist? - large informational page about Botox on

Anatomy you need to know to inject Botox - from a former teaching assistant for medical school anatomy (me).  This page is mainly for clinicians.


Surgical Artistry Modesto Plastic Surgery Facebook.  This doesn't lead to the new Botox facebook page - for that link see bottom of webpage.      Botox coupons via Brilliant Distinctions Program run by the makers of Botox.  We are in Modesto, CA.  Allergan is located in California as well.     We are located in Modesto, CA, USA.  American Flag.   Logo for Surgical Artistry - Plastic Surgery Modesto

Surgical Artistry's Page on Facebook  Plastic Surgery Modesto on Facebook (over 1400 fans)
Surgical Artistry is a member of Brilliant Distinctions for Botox, Juvederm, and Latisse Brilliant Distinctions for Botox, Juvederm and Latisse - coupons and discounts

Sign up/Log in to get discounts directly from Allergan, the makers of Botox, Juvederm, and Latisse

More information regarding Brilliant Distinctions = Botox Discounts with frequent visits


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