Radiesse is back at Surgical Artistry

Radiesse is available again at Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA

I took a brief break from Radiesse to become excellent with injecting Juvederm, but I’ve come to realize the unique niches filled by having Radiesse, a demal filler.  Radiesse acts as a scaffolding, providing structure for your own natural collagen to grow.  Radiesse is comprised of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA).

I know many of you have requested Radiesse by name and now I have it back in stock and ready to go.  I have both the 0.8cc and the 1.5cc syringes available to inject.

Feel free to call us to set up an appointment with me:  209-551-1888, Modesto, CA.

For more information about Radiesse, volumizing dermal filler, please visit www.radiesse.com.

Visit our semi-personalized Radiesse website on www.radiesse.com

Of note, the makers of Radiesse also makes Belotero.

Radiesse Brochure says:

  • Get better results from your filler.
  • Clinical studies of Radiesse patients show that they were more staisfied with the results they received from treatment with RADIESSE than with other leading dermal fillers.
  • 33% more Juvederm injectable gel may be needed to achieve full correction compared to RADIESSE volumizing Filler.
  • RADIESSE Volume Advantage syringe contains 50% more product vs. Juvederm injectable gel syringes.


Modesto Radiesse Injections
Modesto Radiesse Injections
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