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Axillary Hyperhidrosis Botox (excessive sweating) treatments in Modesto by Calvin Lee, MD

Hyperhidrosis – sweating under arms

I perform Botox injections for Axillary Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating – underarm). However, I’m always in the interest of getting the patients the best value. I don’t take any forms of medical insurance, and the procedure with me costs $1000 (price as of 11/15/13, subject to change), and the results last about 9-12 months when injected in a focused pattern after localizing testing with starch (otherwise it’s probably more like 6 months). I’ve heard that medical insurance might cover this procedure, have you found a good place to get this procedure done under insurance? Is the doctor good at it and does the insurance really cover the procedure adequately where the doctor feels that he is getting paid for the Botox used? Botox is an expensive product to acquire. I would like to send patients to a insurance provider who will do a great job. So far, I personally haven’t found this. So for now, many people are stuck with me for the $1000 procedure.

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