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Our Top 6 Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures


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Botox can be used to treat the above treatment options however most of them are considered off-label Botox use.
Visit our webpage on what it means to have off-label Botox usage.

I like to call them Minimally Invasive rather than "non-surgical" or even "non-invasive".  To me most procedures have many surgical components to them.  After all, I am a surgeon and I tend to look at many things as procedure requiring dexterity, precision, and artistry

Top 6 Minimally Invasive aesthetic procedures at Surgical Artistry by Dr. Calvin Lee

  1. Botox

  2. Fillers (ie. Juvederm)

  3. Chemical Peels

  4. Microdermabrasion

  5. Leg Vein Sclerotherapy

  6. Facial vein lasering (usually around the nose)

Many patients get Botox and Juvederm (fillers) at the same visit.  It is also possible to add leg vein sclerotherapy at the same visit.  However, with the other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, we usually recommend waiting about two weeks or more between facial treatments, especially if the area being treated overlaps.

We perform many other minimally invasive procedures such as mole removal, skin-tag removal, hand sclerotherapy, ear lobe repair by Dr. Tammy Wu, hand filler injections, cosmetic facial acupuncture.  And we have a lineup of quality medical skin care products.


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Botox injections (as well as injected filler gel implants) are performed by
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