What is Botox FDA approved for cosmetically?

Glabella and Crows Feet

As of the writing of this Botox blog which is November, 23, 2014.  Cosmetic Botox on the face is FDA approved for use in the glabellar complex and the crows feet.  The glabellar complex is sometimes known as the “11’s” or the frown lines between the eyes.  It is made up of more than one muscle – thus it’s a complex of muscles.  And the crows feet, sometimes called fish tail, area of the eyes is the lateral wrinkles to the sides of the eyes.

How about other areas of the face for Botox Injections?

These two areas constitute the FDA approved areas for facial Botox in a cosmetic sense.  There are other areas on the face – in fact many other areas – which have not received FDA approval, but these have been commonly done for the past decade.  And Botox injections in these other areas of the face is considered off label FDA for Botox usage.

Getting Botox in Modesto, CA

Please consider visiting your Botox injector for one-on-one discussions.  If you are near us, consider visiting our Botox practice in Modesto, CA.  And if not us (Surgical Artistry), then there are these other places in Modesto to get Botox.  The Botox listing of injectors is not an endorsement; it is just a courtesy listing of other practices in Modesto who offer Botox.