Botox WiFi?

How is BOTOX and Wi-Fi related?

Basically BOTOX shuts down the signal (this signal can be thought of as “WiFi” for your phone) between nerve and muscle.  There is no alteration of the muscle – just like when the WiFi signal is shut off, there is no alteration to your cell phone.

I’ve come up with this original analogy one day when talking to a patient who was cellular phone sales person.   WiFi is a trademark name and is considered at this point, any wireless local area network for computers.


First, in general, how does BOTOX work?

What’s the mechanism of action for Botox?  Botox prevents the tensing up of muscles.  The word “tensing” could be also be considered “contracting.”

Medical professionals consider BOTOX to be one of the most effective ways to maintain youthful beauty.

botox mechanism  botox mechanism 2

In more detail:  how is Acetylcholine involved with BOTOX?

Acetylcholine is the signal for muscle contraction.

Botox reduces the release of acetylcholine from the nerve endings.  It is the acetylcholine, which is a neutrotransmitter messenger, which tells the muscles to contract.  Without the acetylcholine released, the muscles stay in a more relaxed configuration because it doesn’t get that signal for contraction.

Thus, the real analogy is that Acetylcholine is the Wi-Fi signal

Acetylcholine carries the signal for muscle contraction.  Just like WiFi carries the signal for my internet connection.  Botox works on reducing the signal.

Anyway, that analogy is a fun one, and I’ve enjoyed using it in my explanations in my Botox Consultations at my Modesto Botox Center: Surgical Artistry.

So, muscles cause wrinkes?

Yes and No.  Yes, muscle CONTRACTION causes wrinkles.  Thus if we cut the signal for muscle CONTRACTION, the wrinkle isn’t crinkled.  But the muscle by itself in a relaxed state does not cause wrinkles.  So the key word here is contraction.

Disclaimer:  I am by no means trying to say that Botox gives you a better WiFi signal.

That would be interesting and probably very useful – but it doesn’t work that way.   I was just trying to use some real life examples to explain Botox to my patients.  Please see your Botox doctor, nurse, or aesthetician in person for a personalized discussion.  There is no patient-doctor relationship set up by reading this article.  Nothing here is medical advice.  This is just generalized information.