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Lowest price Botox?

Lowest Botox Price matching?

We get this question from time to time regarding matching the lowest price of Botox or Juvederm.  It isn’t a common question, but it comes up perhaps once per month or so.  I figure it’s worth addressing.

This is not a blog about different Botox-like substances or Botox from other countries.  We receive our Botox directly from Allergan USA, that ensures that it is genuine.  So back to the topic of “Lowest Price for Botox?”

So, do we price match or compete on pricing?

The quick answer is “No.”

But we like to compete on “value”.  But in the end, we don’t see this as a competition.  We have a lot of respect for everyone.  We have set prices that make sense to us.

So the long answer is that we hope that we are considered the “best value.”  But all this depends on what patients value.  It might be different than what I might value.  So I can definitely understand different definitions of value when it comes to Botox injections.

Surgical Artistry doesn’t emphasize or compete with “cheapest” prices.

Our Botox Surgeons (mainly Calvin Lee, MD) value a high level of

  • results
  • safety
  • and comfort.

And the Office values a high level of

  • customer service
  • positive attitude
  • and communication

We hope to win with BEST VALUE.  I think we would lose the battle if we were going for price wars on Botox.

But hopefully we might win with best value – that’s our attempt.

Here’s a link to another topic of Botox Wars – The fight for Allergan Ownership.