Facial Fat Compartment Anatomy for Botox and Juvederm injections

Notes regarding Facial Fat Compartment Anatomy

  • Orbital retaining ligament separates the orbital fat compartments from the rest of the face:  Superior, Inferior, and Lateral orbital fat compartments.
  • Cheek fat compartments:  Most medial is the Nasolabial fat compartment (the medial border is the actual nasolabial fold), then there is the medial cheek fat compartment, middle cheek, lateral cheek fat compartment
  • The Jowl is a fat compartment
  • See below for deeper fat compartments.

What does this mean for a cosmetic Botox and Juvederm injector?

  • Looking at the whole face as a continuum
  • Temporal wasting is also something we should start to address – hollowness from temple area to neck – the lateral projection.
  • Many patients start by noting nasolabial fold and jowel fat compartments.  But this is a symptom, not an actual problem.  It may be a symptom of other fat compartments becoming deflated, such as the medial cheek fat compartment.
  • As we age, we lose these volume in these fat compartments, and in addition to face lifts to tighten the skin, we have to consider filling these areas again to regain some of our youthful appearance.

There is fat superficial and deep to muscle which are compartmentalized

  • SOOF – Suborbicularis Oculi Fat – underneath the obicularis muscles.  There is the medial SOOF and the Laterial SOOF.
  • SMAS – Superficial Musculo-aponeurotic System
  • The fat is compartimentalized
  • Deep fat in the cheek – below the musculature.  Can cause a pseudo ptosis of the superficial fat.  Over the Maxilla.  Medial and Lateral aspect to the deep medial cheek fat.  Refilling the deep fat in some patients can create a lift in this area of the mid cheek.


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