After Botox, I have a headache

Headache after Botox

About once a month, I’ll hear someone tell me about this experience.  I myself get this problem when I have Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin injected for my wrinkles lines on my face.  I also have heard of this phenomenon after facial rejuvenation acupuncture.  I think with acupuncture this may be related to the qi which is brought to the face and scalp for facial rejuvenation acupuncture.  And I have also heard of this problem after mole removal from the facial area – a procedure I also do often.  Thus I’m not always sure that the cause of the headache after Botox is entirely caused by the Botox.  It may be from the placement of needles or the stress of having the procedure.  Regardless, the headache after Botox should resolve with the use of routine headache medications, such as advil, aleve, and tylenol.

What happens if the after-Botox headache lasts longer than a few days?

It may be possible that a nerve was irritated by the proximity of the needle used to inject Botox.  This also should resolve with time.

Most of my patients who get headaches after Botox still feel that the procedure is entirely worth repeating every 3-4 months.


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