Botox Report: Number of Patients for the Month

Brilliant Distinctions Analytics Section

I’ ve been playing around with Botox’s Brilliant Distinctions reporting.  Brilliant Distinctions is a rebate/coupon type program run by the Allergan company for our Botox patients.  I pulled up a custom report with the dates in November 2014, and selected it to produce a list of Botox patients.  This is in the analytics section.  Then I look at the reports on an excel spreadsheet.  I also keep my own Modesto Botox and Juvederm Brilliant Distinctions Statistics.

November’s Botox Numbers: 96

The results reveal a grand total of 96 patients seen for the month of November, 2014.  November has typically been a busy month for Botox at our Modesto Botox Practice: Surgical Artistry (Injections by me: Calvin Lee, MD).

96 Patients – well, this hasn’t been our busiest month this year.

I did hit over 100 patients last month.  A while back, I wrote a blog regarding the elusive 100 Botox patients per month goal for my Botox practice.  Botox and Fillers takes up half of my practice; meaning it takes up half of the practice when using time as a measure.  So it takes up half the time – stated more simply.

123 Patients seen in the month of October, 2014

October, which is last month, revealed a large surge of Botox patients into our office with 123 patients seen.  Overall, I think the Botox trend is an upward one.  Perhaps this is a reflection of the overall economy.

Excuses for not hitting 100 Botox patients this month? (with Thanksgiving in it).

Well, there aren’t much excuses except that it isn’t that big of a goal for me anyway.  My main goal is excellent results with Botox – not huge numbers of Botox patients.  But Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Analytics does make it fun to extract these numbers.  And… December is another month to look forward to.