BOTOX Mailing List growth

Mail chimp email blasts

I just started using MailChimp as a way to keep in touch with our Botox Patients – and other patients at Surgical Artistry (Veins, Plastic Surgery, Acupuncture, Dermal Fillers).

190 emails added in 4 months = 47.5 emails per month

Here’s just an interesting statistic.  For the months of August, September, October and November of 2014, I was able to add 190 patients to the mailing list.  The mailing list as it stands has 2,712 patients on it.  I guess I always thought we had more patients.  But people frequently unsubscribe or even label our email as “spam” which comes back as a notice that someone complained.

Mail Chimp Costs

Mail Chimp currently costs about $50 per month.  I think it’s convenient and it doesn’t bog down my own mail server.  It keeps track of the duplicate emails, wrong emails, bounced emails, unsubscriptions and complaints.  Mail chimp costs $50/month for 2801-5000 subscribers.  With the current addition of 190 emails.  We now have 2899 subscribers.

I manually remove the unsubscribers from our system

I look at the unsubscribers and complainers and I manually take them off our system.  The reason for that?  Because we have a birthday letter that we send out by ourselves, and we do it once a month and we don’t use Mail Chimp for that purpose.  This way we won’t bother these folks with the birthday letter (email).  What’s the Birthday letter?  I wrote an article about the Botox Birthday Coupon.  It’s our gift to our patients of $50 to use towards BOTOX and fillers if they want.

Keeping in touch

I’m using the email system to keep in touch and to announce current events such as possible Modesto Botox Specials, Brilliant Distinction changes, etc.