Botox didn’t work for my “11s”

Botox didn’t work.  I still have those creases between the eyes!

I hear this problem from time to time.  Botox has a hard time with certain creases in the glabellar complex – and also in the crows feet.  Why?  because for me, it doesn’t seem to work very well on static lines.

Static lines vs. Dynamic lines:  this is the reason

Dynamic lines are wrinkles that are created with movement.  Static lines are wrinkles which are present even when the muscle is at rest – relaxed.  Botox main mechanism is to relax the muscle.  Although, I have seen Botox’s effect on possibly tightening skin – but that’s a different topic.

Botox works best on Dynamic lines

By relaxing the muscles, the dynamic lines diminish.  However, Botox has a harder time relaxing static lines.

Dynamic Lines eventually become Static Lines

It seems to me that most dynamic lines eventually becomes static lines.  Thus Botox works amazingly well in my opinion in preventing static lines.  This effect of Botox is one of it’s best uses.

So what can we do about these stubborn Static Lines?  More Botox?

I also believe that with some patience static lines can diminish over regular usage of Botox – perhaps after the 3rd or 4th time of getting Botox over 1 year.  I wouldn’t let too much time lapse between botox treatments.   I don’t think necessarily MORE botox per session is the answer – but perhaps more diligent usage of Botox – or perhaps a more “disciplined” approach to Botox scheduling.  Don’t forget to schedule your Botox Appointment with us in Modesto, CA.

Consider fillers or more time to help with these stubborn wrinkles.

So if time is on your side, and you can wait it out – consider waiting a bit to see if Botox will assist your body in repairing these deep static wrinkles.  However, if there’s a deadline (special event coming up), some of our patients would consider dermal fillers such as Belotero or Juvederm.  Much of this use would be considered off-Label-FDA usage.  Dermal fillers within the wrinkles will help smooth them out!

Disclaimer: please see your physician in person for personalized recommendations.  Above is just an academic discussion of wrinkles, Botox, and Fillers.  I have also encountered lines which just didn’t seem to be helped much with either Botox or Fillers – the human body is certainly very challenging, and keeps our jobs as Botox injectors very interesting.  Here’s a list of Modesto Botox Injectors – but of course, I hope you choose our practice (Surgical Artistry in Modesto).