BOTOX Award from Allergan

Allergan APP Levels

APP – stands for Allergan Partner Privileges

It’s a program which offers rebates around 4% to 8% regarding on level of purchases.  It’s somewhat complex and involves additional rebates known as Portfolion Bonus Rebates (PBR’s).   I haven’t exactly figured it all out.  But it’s a program that rewards the big purchasers and the practices who buy more than just BOTOX;  Breast implants, Juvederm, Voluma, Latisse, and SkinMedica are involved in the rebate program as well, and combinations of purchases apply.  For me, most of the points I needed to earn “Platinum” status was from BOTOX purchases.  You would log in through this Allergan APP webpage.  And this is a link to more Allergan APP info.

The Certificate to Display

They even give you a certificate to show off your level.  We can display this in our Modesto Botox Practice.

Most of my points to get this "Award" was from BOTOX purchases.
Most of my points to get this “Award” was from BOTOX purchases.

APP levels from Allergan

  • Silver – 20 points needed
  • Gold – top 12% of members, 200 points
  • Platinum – top 6% of members, 400 points
  • Platinum Plus – top 3% of members, 650 points
  • Diamond – top 2% of members, 1000 points
  • Black Diamond – top 1% of members, 1500 points
  • Top 50

How much dollar value is a point worth?

I think a point is about $550 worth of products give or take $100.  This probably changes from year to year.

  • One vial of Botox = 1 point.
  • One box of Juvederm (2 syringes) = 1 point.
  • 1 case of Latisse 5 ML = 3 points.
  • Other products such as Natrelle breast implants and SkinMedical have point values, but I’m not entirely familiar with those values.

Friendly Competition to fuel BOTOX injections

Allergan possibly has this setup because they probably think the Botox practices like to have a little bit of friendly competition to see where they stand.

Here’s a listing of places to get Botox injections in Modesto, California.

What level will I be at in 2015

I think I will probably be in the Platinum Plus level in 2015.  Not a high priority for me but, I think that’s how I will naturally fall into that category with my usual BOTOX growth rate.