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Muscles, Nerves and Vasculature of the face for the Botox and Juvederm injector

These are just some notes – this is by no means complete.  Just sporadic notes to supplement other sources.

Lip elevator muscles

  • Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi – gummy smile muscle.
  • Levator labii superioris
  • Levator anguli oris
  • Zygomaticus Major/minor

Lower Lip depressor muscles

  • Depressor anguli oris
  • Mentalis
  • Depressor labi inferioris

The Frontalis Muscle

  • Creates the transverse rhytids
  • Only elevator of the brow – don’t want to entirely weaken this muscle with neuromodulators (ie. Botox).  Consider limiting the injections to the upper 2/3 of this muscle.
  • Wrinkles are perpendicular to the movement of the muscle.

Agonist/Antagonist action of muscles on the Brow

  • Obicularis Oculi, Procerus, and corrugators depresses the brow vs. Frontalis.  Tug-a-war.  Can change the shape and location of the brow with Botox/neuromodulators.

Parts of the Obiclaris Oculi Muscle

  • Palpebral portion= Pretarsal (lies on tarsal plate) and Preseptal = responsible for passive closure of the eye
  • Orbital portion – further out laterally.  Responsible for forceful closure of the palpebral fissue of eye.  Accessory muscle to smiling.

Nerves of the superior orbit

  • Supratrochlear nerve – runs through the belly of the corrugator supercilii.  This nerve provides sensation to the medial 1/3 of the forehead and is a nerve that can be responsible/trigger for migraine headaches.
  • Supraorbital nerve – just lateral to the supratrochlear nerve.  Sensation for the lateral 2/3 of the forehead.


There is much more, but this is a start.

I have made this super webpage a few years ago with BOTOX muscles of the FACE

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