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Juvederm Voluma for the Lips?

Interesting Botox Questions and Filler Questions

Question #1 (first of a series I hope to compile).

Today our office got asked the questions from a patient who called the office:  “Can Juvederm Voluma be used for the lips?”  This is a great questions.   Lately it seems that I never have a straight forward answer.  But I’ll try to be straightforward with this Botox/Filler question.  The quick and dirty answer is: “YES.”

Can Juvederm Voluma be used for the lips?

The reason that this is an interesting question is that it is an off-label FDA usage question which can’t be answered legally by the drug company, Allergan who makes Botox, Latisse, Juvederm, etc.  However, I can attempt to answer the question as a doctor who injects Botox and Juvederm of all sorts including Voluma.  I have a practice in Modesto, CA.  And I would recommend that people see me in person before taking any of what I type here as personal advice.  Disclaimer:  The information here is just for general information purposes, it’s not meant to be medical advice.  Please visit my website for contact information so that I can see you as a patient in my office, in person, if you are seeking medical advice.  Website is:  www.InjectionArtistry.com – my Botox injection home page.

In general Juvederm Voluma is used in the cheeks

Cheek volumization with Voluma is the FDA indicated usage.  It has a possibility of lasting up to two years.

Two year indication in the cheeks

This is the main motivation for many people to ask if Juvederm Voluma can be used anywhere else – such as nasolabial folds or marionette lines – areas where Juvederm ultra or ultra plus has been used.  This includes the question about Voluma for lip augmentation.

The Duck Look for lips

If you are looking for very big duck-look for the lips, Juvederm Voluma could possibly be an excellent choice.

Lip augmentation with Voluma? How else could it be done.

There’s also the possibility of diluting down the Voluma with Saline – this would possibly gives the lips a softer look.

My personal preference for Lip Augmentation:

I prefer to use either Juvederm ultra or Juvederm ultra plus for the lips.  The XC versions of these products are excellent.  I would prefer not to use,  in my own practice Juvederm Voluma for the lips.  But in the hands of another injector,  Voluma might just be great for the lips.

2 years for the lips with voluma?

I would doubt that Juvederm Voluma would last that long in the lips.  Thus I’m not sure that I’m sold on the idea of using this product in the lip location.  But with the proper dilution, I think we could find ourselves a very versatile product for the the whole face!!

Summary on Voluma for lips:

  • No, it’s not usually used for lips, Voluma is usually used for cheeks
  • No, I don’t think it will last two years in the lips.  Probably more like 7-10 months?  That’s just an educated guess.
  • I think if it’s used on the lips, Voluma could be diluted
  • Voluma, if diluted could be used on many other parts of the face
  • My personal preference for Lip augmentation fillers is Juvederm Ultra or Ultra plus, especially the XC versions of those products.

Parting words

I do have a rambling style of writing – I think.  But this is my blog and I write however I want.  This page is meant to be a discussion about Juvederm Voluma and Lip augmentation.  This is not meant to be an advertisement in any way nor is this deemed to be medical advice of any sort.  And much of the discussion here is off-label FDA usage of Juvederm.

I hope you have found this page to be somewhat useful – especially if you are a colleage Botox/Juvederm injector.  Please feel free to visit my Botox Modesto WebPage.