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Botox Delivery – what it looks like in a box.

Ever wonder what it looks like when BOTOX is delivered to an office?

Here’s what the boxes look like.  Inside these shipping boxes are styrofoam containers with dry ice on one side and individual BOTOX boxes on the other side.  These three BOTOX containers added up to a shipment of 50 vials of 100U Botox.   I have delivery of this amount of BOTOX before and it came in one large container – so I think it varies from time to time.   I don’t see any obvious advantage to breaking up the BOTOX shipment.  But perhaps Allergan decided that it was better that way – or they just simply ran out of larger BOTOX shipment boxes.

A tower of Botox!  Delivered to our door.

Botox Delivery.  No, it's not Pizza Delivery.  It's better than Pizza!
Botox Delivery. No, it’s not pizza delivery. It’s much better than pizza!

This is a picture at our Modesto Botox Office of Botox delivery boxes ready to be stocked and recorded (lot numbers).  It needs to stay refrigerated.