Skin Aging Infographic from Colorescience

Skin Aging Explained – and how to fight it

I got this infographic about Skin Aging from Colorescience.  It was sent over in an email.  I posted it to our facebook accounts and it started getting some shares.  I think that’s an indication that skin aging is a pretty populr topic.

infographic on Skin Aging - need Botox
Skin Aging Explained and what to do about it. Click to enlarge.


Highlights from the infographic on Skin Aging from Colorescience:

  • Sun Damage – more than 90% of age-related skin changes are caused by the sun.  Use sunscreen – in particular it says, use their product called Sunforgettable.  And we carry that product at Surgical Artistry, Modesto.
  • Dehydration – use hyaluronic acid.  We have many products with hyaluronic acid made by Obagi and SkinCeuticals.
  • Acne Treament – spot treatments dry out the skin.  Use products for the whole face.
  • Food – sugars, sweets and saturated fats increase the likelihood of a wrinkled appearance.  Solution:  avoid processed food, eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Exercise: only 18% of women meet the recommended amounts of exercise
  • Sleep: Getting insufficient sleep ages the skin prematurely and fosters eye area puffiness.  Solution:  ban bright electronics at least 90 minutes before bed to improve quality of sleep.
  • Makeup Removal.

What is Sunforgettable?

It is a powdered mineral sunscreen with Zinc and Titanium dispensed with a brush, and it comes in 3 different skin tints.

sunforgettable sunprotection

What? No mention of BOTOX wrinkle prevention?

BOTOX, to me is one of the most effective treatments to receive to help prevent wrinkles.  It has received FDA approval for the Glabella area and Crows Feet areas.   Botox has also received approval for cosmetic use in wrinkle prevention in other areas of the face.   I guess BOTOX wasn’t mentioned in this article because Colorescience isn’t the manufacturer of Botox.  Otherwise, of course they would have included Botox in this discussion of skin aging.

And Smoking? even more important than BOTOX or Sunscreen.

It’s tops on my list to quit smoking – as a top thing to do to slow down skin aging.

My top three for Anti-Aging skin?

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Use Sunscreen with ZINC
  3. Consider BOTOX use

Slowing down the aging skin is a passion of ours at our Modesto Botox Practice:  Surgical Artistry.

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Hawaii picture by Calvin Lee, MD
Hawaii picture by Calvin Lee, MD


I didn’t write this infographic.  Please visit us: Modesto Botox, Plastic Surgery, Veins, and Acupuncture.  Please verify all ideas presented here with your doctor.  I am not your doctor unless you have seen me in person.  We carry Colorescience skin care products in addition to NIA 24, Obagi, and SkinCeuticals.