I didn’t know that you inject Voluma?!


“Yes, I do inject Voluma.  I’ve been injecting Voluma since the end of 2013.  Why do you ask?”


Amazing!  This happens to me more often than I care to admit.  I had a BOTOX patient this morning at our Modesto Office (Surgical Artistry).  She had been my BOTOX patient for years.  But she recently received Juvederm Voluma treatment at another office.  She came back to me for BOTOX.  And she wanted to tell me about her Voluma treatment.  I think she had a good job done and I believe that she got a good price.  Then she somehow saw a box of Juvederm Voluma lying on the side of my counter.  She exclaimed – “you inject Voluma also?  I didn’t know that!”

Voluma Apple

Above is the famous Voluma Apple.  Used in most Voluma advertising direct from Allergan, USA.  Do you recognize it? Did Allergan do a decent job promoting Juvederm Voluma directly to the masses?

VOLUMA marketing – I need to do better

Well, I guess, I probably need to do a better job with my own marketing.  Regardless I’m glad she got taken care of well.  I had a previous post where I discovered for myself that there are over 35 other places for BOTOX injections.  And I think most of those places probably inject Voluma as well.  I guess it is possible to be a BOTOX-ONLY type of practice without dermal fillers or without Voluma.

Here’s the listing of the 36 places to get Botox in Modesto (or near Modesto):  It answers the question of “Where to get Botox in Modesto?”

My only Voluma writing in this blog was an off Label usage of Voluma for the lips.  Which isn’t my normal practice, but I hear that it is possible.  I was speculating that Voluma wouldn’t last 2 yeas in the lips.

Concluding Voluma Marketing thoughts

Anyway, I want to get the chance to write in this blog in case anyone is wondering: I love using Voluma and Yes, I am a Voluma injector too.  Please visit my Modesto Botox and Voluma home page and please feel free to visit us in person!