Collection of empty Botox Bottles

In one of our private waiting rooms at Surgical Artistry, I have displayed a bowl of empty Botox bottles used up in 2014. I’m happy to report that 503 patients helped me use up these bottles of genuine Botox over the course of the year. However, I have two more days of the year to go! My wife, Dr. Tammy Wu – Modesto Plastic Surgeon, says I am a hoarder (hopefully not compulsive).

I am very thankful for all those who have trusted me with their cosmetic injections.

2014 collection of empty Botox bottles
2014 collection of empty Botox bottles

The framed print in the back is from the Modesto Symphony Orchestra where we had sponsored a season.  The tray is from the Bombay Company.  This link shows the tray which can be purchased online.

I will probably need new ideas on where to store these Botox bottles in the future.  Perhaps it will soon be time to throw them out.

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