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Most Common / Average Cost of Botox injections

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Our pricing of Botox - How much does Botox cost?

Please call to find out the current price per unit of Botox.  The Botox consultation with me (Dr. Lee) is currently free.  So, if you're not sure about your own personal needs of Botox, please feel free to come talk to me and we can discuss your goals.  No pressures in getting Botox.  I do want you to go home and think about it if necessary.  But we will most likely have time to do your first Botox injection on the same first appointment if you want.

Average Botox costs in our office (in Modesto, CA

Average = loosely translated as "most common."  Prices listed here are subject to change and these prices were written on 5/27/2012.  Furthermore, everyone is different.  Click this link to see ranges of Botox prices per area.

Click this next link to see the one AVERAGE number of Botox units used and Price paid (I dug through 46 charts to find this answer)

To be more precise, these are the most common Botox costs for Dr. Lee's patients in Modesto, CA.  This is per area per visit.  Many patients come 3-4 times per year.

Location Most common cost of Botox
Area between the eyes (Glabella) $240
Crows feet (both) $240
Forehead $120
Around the mouth (top and bottom for lines) $96
Dimpling of the chin $120
Vertical neck bands (each - most have 2 or 4 bands) $72
Jowls (both) $144
Down turn of the mouth (both) $48
Back of neck pain $400
Headache $800
Underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) $1000
TMJ - disorder (jaw pain) $400

Most procedures about are considered off-label FDA usage of Botox.

I placed this Botox pricing info here to help.  But I would encourage you to come visit me at my office for a personalized discussion.

According to national surveys done by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the average cost of a single BOTOX cosmetic treatment (meaning per patient, perhaps multiple areas) across the United States was about $400 in 2002.  I will try to find more updated info to place here.

Botox Pricing Practices across the US

Most of my other colleague Botox injectors charge by the biologic Unit of activity.  For example I've seen practices in my home town of New York City charge $17 per unit of Botox.  In Modesto, the cost is lower that that in general.  We charge $12/Unit of Botox, as of 4/2/15.  Several years earlier, we charged $13 per unit.  Prices subject to change.  Please call us (209) 551-1888 to check on current prices.  We don't usually have Botox Specials, as we believe that Botox is special every day.

Update: Botox cost at our office injected by Dr. Calvin Lee has changed to $12.00/unit.  This was the first increase since 2006.  Please call our office for the latest pricing.  I believe that it would increase slightly every year.

Botox Pricing per area or per unit (or even per cc)

Some places charge per area instead of per unit.  I personally prefer to charge per unit because not everyone needs the same amount of Botox.  But I do find that it would be easier for me if I charged per area for Botox instead of per unit of Botox.  I have heard from some patients that some other doctors charge per cc of Botox.  This is very strange because cc is a measure of volume, you are supposed to convert the shipped Botox poweder to a liquid form by adding saline, and you can add all the saline you want to create whatever cc you want.  Thus charging per Unit of activity makes more sense than charging by cc (volume).

Do younger patients need more or less Botox?

It depends.  Younger patients have stronger muscles which means needs more botox.  BUT they have few lines which means less Botox is needed and many times we need a preventative dose of Botox.  Perhaps we can call that Botox-Light?

In general, I use less Botox for most of my younger patients who do not have static lines (lines at rest, only when lines when muscles are activated).  But if the younger patient already has static lines, then I usually use more Botox.


Hope the info helps!

- Calvin Lee, MD


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